Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!

The kids were excited to wake up and find their Easter baskets filled with a few fun things.  

Elliott getting into his Easter bubble tape
Parker playing with his new ball
Jack and Parker
Lillie showing me her sidewalk chalk
Jack giving Freddy T. a  hug as he left for church

We headed to church and had a great morning with our Gallery Church family.  A mission team was in town last week and passed out around 25,000 invites to our Easter service.  We think there were around 60 or so visitors at church this morning.  The service was packed!  It was the largest attendance we've had since we've been a part of Gallery Church, really exciting!  This is about our 6th week meeting at Hill Country BBQ, downstairs.  We out grew the space we've been meeting in over the past 3 years and if today is any indication of what's to come we'll be making adjustments again to our services and location in the near future.

On the bus Jack, Elliott, and Lillie enjoyed their "ring pops"

Lillie got pink bunny ears in her basket.  As soon as we got to church she tore her bow out of her hair and wore these bunny ears the rest of the day.
This was Lillie singing in church

Last Thursday we dyed eggs.  Jack and Elliott were very particular about what colors they choose and how long each egg stayed in the dye.  Lillie just dunked eggs in any color back to back, with her hands.  Hers were all marbled looking instead of the normal bright colors.

Jack wrote this during the Good Friday service
"You should worship the Lord.  Jesus Christ is the best thing in the whole wide world.  Signed Jack"

Yes Jack!  You got it right this year.  This is truth... He is the best thing in the whole wide world!


Anonymous said...

Thsnks for posting the Easter pictures. Enjoyed seeing the children with their Easter "stuff".
As always, the pictures are adorable. Hugs to all. Great Gran/Gran

nicole said...

Great pictures - I can not believe how big Elliott and Lillie look in these. Hope to see you guys soon!