Saturday, January 19, 2013

Parker: 4 Months

(December 21, 2012)
Parker was in TN when he turned 4 months.  I forgot to take a picture so this was a week or so late after we got back home.  

During this month he had his first Thanksgiving and enjoyed all of our Christmas festivities.  He went for his 2 month check-up while he was 3 months because his original appointment was the day the hurricane hit and the Dr. office closed.  He was already over 16 lbs.  So far he seems to be on the same track, growth wise, as Jack was.  Parker is smiling all the time and laughs often.  He thinks his brothers and sisters are funny.  He's still eating well, but becoming easily distracted... and there are a lot of things to distract him around here!

He uses his paci, but more times than not he has one or more fingers in his mouth.  Still not sure if he'll end up being a finger sucker or just stick to the paci.

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