Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Lillie and Elliott

(November 7, 2012)
A week after Hurricane Sandy hit Lillie and Elliott had their 4th birthday! (I thought I had already blogged about this).  The timing was kind of crazy since we had only been back home from being displaced for 2 days.  

We celebrated first thing with powdered donuts and candles before school!

Of course we had cupcakes at school to celebrate with their class. 
 Abigail, Lillie, Emma
 Elliott and Asher

 After school we hopped in a cab and headed up to FAO Schwarz to do a little birthday shopping. 
 Posing with the toy soldier

I had no idea what Lillie would want, but the main reason we went to FAO Schwarz was because Elliott had his mind on getting a Dalmatian stuffed animal.  Addison, Chad and Stephanie Monroe's, little girl had one and Elliott was attached to it while we were with them during aftermath of the storm. This was the closest thing I could find to the one she had.  He LOVES this dog.  His name is Mario.
 Lillie came away with Princess Belle.
 You can't visit this toy store with out a quick run on the "Big" piano.  Elliott would start at one end and run and slide across the keys.  

It started snowing while we were there, kind of neat. 

They had a fun birthday.  It wasn't your normal celebration, kind of winged it this year, but one that we'll always remember.  Because of the storm the mail was all messed up.  They slowly received birthday cards and gifts from family over the course of the following week.

Best gift they received was the elevator began working again on their birthday... no more climbing 14 flights of stairs!

Lillie and Elliott- We are so proud of the two of you.  You are each special and unique and bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. 

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