Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Jack!

(December 24, 2012)

This year Jack really wanted a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  At one time we talked about taking a few friends here in NYC with us to the one in Brooklyn, but after a birthday party there in early December we quickly decided that was not going to be a good idea.  It was insane there!  We compromised and agreed to have a family party at Chuck E. Cheese in TN, while we were there for Christmas, and take a few friends with us to the movies here instead.

 The Monday before Jack's birthday we picked up his friends from school came home for about an hour then went to the movies to see "Wreck It Ralph."  While we were at our apartment I made them all sit around the table and do their homework... pretty exciting party huh?

Waiting for the movie to start.

 Birthday Boy!

Jack requested donuts instead of cupcakes for his birthday celebration with his class.

I know some of our family has pictures from Chuck E. Cheese, but I didn't take one.

  Since we had been celebrating for a week by the time Jack's birthday came around we didn't do too much on that actual day.  One of the biggest things Jack really wanted for his birthday was a piñata.  Since we are at Freddy T.'s aunt and uncle's house on Christmas Eve we had arranged with them to have a piñata at their house that night for the kids in the family to enjoy.  They were gracious to take care of all the details and they didn't disappoint.  We arrived to find a huge piñata hanging by rope and pulley from the beams in their living room!  Everyone had a chance to hit it and in the end Jack got the bat and went to town beating that thing till it busted open.  

Jack it is an honor to be your parents.  You have a true love for life and fully enjoy all aspects of it.  You are determined and work hard at all you do.  We are very proud of you and love you very much.

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