Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Week

This is a glimpse of the past few days here at our house. I forget what day it was, but one day this past week we made the biggest tent we've ever made in our little apartment. It covered the kids entire bedroom. They all had fun playing in it for probably 15 solid minutes, then they were over it. Why did I use 13 blankets and 3 different sheets to put this thing together? It took longer to fold everything and put it back away than the time it was actually played in!
Freddy T. took Thursday off and we went to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. I didn't take my camera, but we had a great time. Lillie and Elliott really enjoyed playing this time. They could walk around actually do some of the activities that were appropriate for their age.

Last night I found Elliott sitting on this toy cart. I didn't know he could climb up there. I'm learning everyday that he is more capable of climbing than I know. A few days ago I found him standing on the play kitchen counter holding on to the top. I still don't know how he got up there.
Silly kids. You'll have to forgive the "leftovers" on their clothes. I had just gotten them out of their high chairs and I was about to put their PJ's on.
Again this morning he was back to sitting on the cart. Still loves looking out the window, just more advanced now! A second after I took this picture he lifted himself up with his hands and rolled forward off the thing. I was right there and caught him, but maybe it scared him enough to stop getting on the cart... kind of doubt it!

I'll leave you with this video. I wanted to catch Elliott climbing up on the cart so I could see how he did it. I didn't want him to know I was watching because I knew he wouldn't do it then. So I set the camera up on the play kitchen counter where Jack was playing. He didn't know I was videoing and got the bright idea to run off with my camera.


Kristi Cherry said...

Love it! I remember Jack climbing on all sorts of things when he was about that age! E's cousin H loves to look out the windows too! I am so ready for spring so we can go out and play. I'm sure you are too!

pam said...

Rascals! How cute! Ben climbed on everything. Have a wonderful day. The sun is shining here, Praise The Lord!

Lee Ann said...

The kids are changing so fast; so cute! Love all the pictures and the video. Give them a kiss for me!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to see them so bad. Not that it takes pictures to make me want to see them. Wonder who will have the first broken arm? Hugs to all. Great Gran