Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Minute Phone Calls

Lillie and Elliott are about to go to bed, but first they had to make one more phone call for the day!


pam said...

Jack is cracking me up the way he is holding his pant legs up. Too funny! Is Lillie eating the phone. Elliott is in his own little world. My sound is messed up right now, so I can not hear, but will go back and listen later. I enjoyed watching them. So darling, wonder who they were talking too, can't wait to find out. Does your phone still work with the slobber? haha

Anonymous said...

I know who they are talking to, their great gran. Thanks for the video. They are changing so fast, not babies anymore. Hugs to all. Great Gran

Melcy said...

I love those kids!

Donna said...

Night Night and Sweet Dreams!
Thanks for the post!

Christi said...

I love the monkey PJ's!!

Ladybug in TN said...

Lillie and Elliott are changing and growing so quickly. That was a darling video.
Jack tickled me holding up his pants as if he was dancing around like the old timers did with the rag time. They are a hoot at times I know.
I think they were calling Great Gran and Grandmom Kathy. I enjoy your blog even though we have never met. I guess it is ok to still read it. I don't hear from or see Beth anymore either. It seems all the cousins have gone their separate ways. That is so sad.
If I were up and able, I would do something to keep us together. I had wanted to have a reunion but that didn't happen. Being handicapped is no fun when it comes to be actively involved in things.