Friday, February 12, 2010

"Quotable Jackers"

As I was looking at the mail (a credit card offer),
Jack: "Daddy, what is that? Is that for Carmen? Is that for Balentines Day?
Me: Ahhh its just business Jack.
Jack: Is that for God? Is that for Jesus?"

Jack needing his nose blown,
Jack: "Mommy and daddy, you don't blow my nose. You blow Wiyyie and Eyyet's nose."
Me: "Oh Jack are you learning how to blow your own nose?"
Jack: "Yeah, God is helping me."


Donna said...

We repeat little things that he says all the time. I love to watch him as he thinks about what he is going to say. Looking forward to hearing what Lillie and Elliott are going to be like.

Kristi Cherry said...

I love to hear Jack's voice inflections and see his expressive eyes and brows as he talks! I can just hear him now saying those things!

He kinda reminds me of his cousin. Today, Trevor asked me what God looks like. Then he said he thinks God wears blue jeans and red shoes!

pam said...

This is absolutely darling! I love how Jack says God is helping him to learn how to blow his nose by himself. Just precious! And the way he says Lillie & Elliott's names.... just darling! I like Kristi too, can vision his adorable expressions over his forhead & eyes...he is just a cutie! Hugs to you and them. Have a wonderful day!

rachie said...

I love that boy! So smart.
And we have to say that Lillie and Elliott are now pronounced Wiyyie and Eyyet around here too when you all come up in conversation! We never shedded the new pronunciations after our visit. We are thankful we now finally know how to properly spell their Jack-given names! :)