Thursday, January 07, 2010

Will You Entertain Me?

We are back in NYC and I'm working hard to get our apartment back in order. We haven't even received our Christmas gifts that had to be shipped up here yet, so I'm trying to at least get what's here in order, so when the packages arrive I'm not adding to chaos. The first set of packages could be here any minute...

Yesterday I took the Christmas tree down. We have a live tree and it's been up for over a month. It was a mess. I had to break branches to get the ornaments off, that's how dead and hard it was. I love Christmas, but it's always good to get things back in order.

A friend of Freddy T.'s, and ours, has been living with us for 2 months and yesterday he moved to Brooklyn. We've been reserving our extra bedroom for a family helper to join us this year, but it's not going to work out for that to happen right now. While I was really excited and hopeful about having an extra set of hands around here, I'm trusting God for his provision and strength (I'd appreciate any prayers in this area). On the positive side, we gained an extra bedroom and I'm grateful for the space. We are trying to decide exactly how we'll use the room, we have several ideas.

Hopefully in the next few days we'll be a smooth running machine around here and I'll get back to my regular blogging. Till then will you entertain me? According to Google Analytics we get about 100 hits a day on this blog. I'm often shocked when someone tells me they follow the blog. I'm going to be around here all day today working at home, so will you add a little spice to my day and let me know who you are? I want to know your name and your city and state. Make sure you leave your blog address too if you keep one. I'm sure there are many I'd love to follow if I only knew you blogged. So, if I know you or not, let me know who you are!

Off to more straightening... after I dry my hair. Did you catch that? Shower, blogging, dry hair, then back to work... maybe my priorities are a little out of order this morning!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer W.
Clarksville, TN

Mom said...

aka NayNay/Kathy Spiceland
Clarksville, TN

Emily Doss said...

Emily Doss
Valparaiso, IN

Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

Katie Kitchen
Clarksville, TN.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Dickison
Clarksville, Tn
My sons and I check everyday!

el said...

murfreesboro, tn

i dreamed last night that i was there (wishful thinking?!)...that's all i remember ab the dream so far. but it was good as opposed to alarming like the night i dreamed a wildcat attacked me. :)

angie said...

i am still reading :)

so great to spend time with you last week!

Glenna Marshall said...

the marshall's
sikeston, missouri

( i still have a blog? oh
it was good to see you at Christmas!

Katie said...

You know I read your blog! I seriously had a dream that Matt's job was going to move in to NYC. I thought well at least I know you and Carmen will be there, plus we will be use to the cold by then.

I love reading about what your family is up to.

Oh and Matt thinks it might actually be a possibility for us to move to NYC. But we won't know for 4 years. Oh well.

Ben and Christy said...

I check your blog often!
Christy Tarver
Louisville, KY

Donna said...

One of your faithful readers...
Clarksville, TN

elizabeth said...

i read!
but i think you knew that :)

Anonymous said...

I check the blog ten or twelve times a day. I know you don't have anything to do but post on the blog and keep me entertained. I need to get a job, don't I? Miss you and love and hugs to all. Great Gran

Cindy said...

Cindy Reed
Love following you and your sweet children. I read your blog regularly

rachie said...

Rachie and the Dwagon
Clarksville, TN

Check almost everyday to see if there are any postings of pics/videos of toys all over the floor so that Dwagon can dream of picking them all up at naptime! :) Love to all.

Jodi said...

Gotta check out what Karlee's other cousins are up to in NYC. I have your link on my blog so I see when you update and check out the latest from the Wyatt family.

Murfreesboro, TN

Yvonne said...


For the life of me I can not remember my blog address. I really want to change the address. Do you know if that is possible????? I'll post later when I remember it.

Check every day. Makes me feel connected in some small way. Hope you guys are doing great. Miss ya!

lindyjo said...

glad to see your feeling better! still reading!

Christi said...

Hey, I'm impressed that you showered!!

Danielle M. said...

Danielle M.
Louisville, KY

Dive right into my life.. said...

Still read.
Hannah Wyatt
Clarksville, TN

Amber said...

Love reading the makes us feel like we are a part of your daily life in NYC...We loved seeing you at Christmas!
Aunt Amber, Uncle James and Karlee

Ashley Shepherd said...

(recently moved back to the boro though)

I love your cute little stories!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a faithful blog checker..... Aunt Diana Samuels Clarksville, Tennessee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meghan Hanley Benton
Nolensville, TN

pam said...

Check almost daily & say a prayer for your family when I do. Daughter loves to see the videos and pics of Jack and the twins. Love to read about you and your ministry and life in NYC. Like someone stated, it makes me also feel connected and encouraged. Blessings! Happy 2010. :)

Anonymous said...

I check a couple of times a day looking for new pictures and stories about life in NYC--not as much as Gran! I enjoy reading your blog.

Tyler and Brooke Henson said...

Susan, I love reading your blog about you and your sweet family!
Brooke (Yeiser) Henson
(even though we aren't very good about updating)

Anonymous said...

Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

I check everyday, Susan. It was great seeing you during the holiday. Hope the kids and you are adjusting back to normal. Love you,
Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan! I read your blog often..your stories are so great and you really impress me with how you handle so much. Also, love getting cool ideas from you--like the motivated moms chore list! def helped me out a lot! anyways...i don't have a blog but you can just look at my profile on facebook!

Heather Cantalupi

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot-- From Rolesville, NC.


Kelly Bourque said...

Your blog is seriously one of my favorites to read. :)

-Kelly Bourque
Nashville, TN

Tara said...

I don' t check daily, but regularly! I hate that I toly missed seeing you when you were in town!
I write for the TBC on this blog: And Wally and I trying to get a family one up. I will let you know when that happens!

Clarksville, Tn

Anonymous said...

Erin Patton
New York, New York

Anonymous said...

Emily Poole - I work w/ your mom.
Clarksville, TN

Missy said...

Missy Rye
Clarksville, TN

Lee Ann said...

Add me to the daily list! I miss a day here and there, but love keeping up with you all and seeing my great-niece and nephews daily antics!

The Kennedy crew
Brentwood, TN

Kimberly said...

Kimberly Wilson
Johnson City, TN

We met several years ago when Freddy T led high school camp at Horn's Creek for FB Concord. My husband and I were youth workers at the time. We've since had two babies and moved to Johnson City. I found your blog from the Eidemiller's blog and find it interesting to keep up since I have a just turned three year old and almost 20 month old! (Ok, you didn't want all that info but there you have it!)

roger and courtney said...

I found your blog from one of my friends sites...
Courtney (currently in Vancouver)

Amanda said...

Susan, it was great meeting you at Passion. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out with y'all!

Amanda J.
Houston, TX

Emily said...

Emily Vied
Atlanta, Georgia

Love you all!!

Beth Winn said...

Beth Winn
Knoxville, TN

Kristi Cherry said...

Kristi Wyatt Cherry
Adams, TN
I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures/videos of my nephews and niece. I like getting peeks of your daily life in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I check your blog from Tyler, Texas - I grew up living across the street from the Wyatts, and I love keeping up with you all. Ann Bergman Lent

Anonymous said...

Amy Moats Steger
Knoxville, TN
Your twins are just a few weeks older than my son. Love seeing what they are doing!

gran said...

Morning, noon and night. Love being able to see my babies.


Sarah said...

Check it everyday!

-Sarah Spiceland
Clarksville, Tn

Linda Wyatt said...

Aunt Linda
Lubbock, Texas

The Fitzgerald's said...

wow 49 comments. That may be a record.
The Fitzgerald's
Murfreesboro Tn

Elizabeth said...

I check it. I think Chad checks Freddy T.'s. I have been a blog slacker lately, plus our camera broke, but I plan to get back to it at some point!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Rosen
went to UTM/BSU with Freddy T.

Ladybug in TN said...

Nancy Williams Lewis
Springfield, TN

My site is A View From Ladybug's Apple Tree with my photography of Robertson County and nature that I make. Not being able to walk, I enjoy riding and taking pictures.

Your blog is fun to read and I especially enjoy the stories about the children having taught Kindergarten for 32 years until I become disabled in 2001.

I hope you will enjoy my view from the Apple Tree.

Beth's First Cousin, Nancy

Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth Schmidt
San Antonio, TX

Anonymous said...


I check your blog every couple of days to see how you, Freddy T and those sweet children are doing. We are in the Ray Stone Sunday School Class at First Baptist and we love being able to keep up with you through your blog.

I don't know how you do all you the video's of the kids.

Beth Mills

Lori said...

Susan you know I'm reading!! I love you guys!

Fort Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Landiss Black
Clarksville, TN

Jessica said...

Erik and Jessica Fuqua

Waco, Tx

Anonymous said...


Kathryn said...

Kathryn Evans
Good Ole C'ville!

Not a daily reader, but I check in on y'all every few weeks or so. Sarah told me I need to check in here to let you know. Praying for y'all!

reg said...

you know i read this right?

Let's sign Great Gran up for Google Reader so she doesn't have to check 12 times a day.

Melcy said...

You know I read your blog (and love reading it), but I thought I'd leave a comment anyways.
Melissa- New York, NY

Anonymous said...

hey love! i don't check it everyday, but when i get a chance i get on a few times a month and try to catch up!

love you!

Anonymous said...

Courtney Jones
Atlanta, GA