Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas From The Wyatts

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Melcy said...

love it!!

Donna said...

Thanks for kick starting my Monday with a good laugh. So cute!

Pam said...

Hilarious! Love it! I feel as if I have done aerobics this morning as well! Merry Christmas! With love, pam

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, Pap and I need a good laugh today. Today is what we call a Pittsburgh day. So dreary and your blog picked us up.
It was just too funny.
Grandma and Pap

The Fitzgerald's said...

OMG!!!! IWE LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!!! susan for some reason you seemed the funniest in the video

Anonymous said...

Just watched again... too funny, Freddy T. looks like he has a sun tan. Just saw Freddy Vacarel from church last night at our choir program. Similar resemblance. :) This is really funny!