Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decorating Cookies

I made cookies yesterday afternoon during nap time and planned on letting Jack decorate them today. Last night before our Growth Community came over Freddy T. suggested that we all decorate them together, so we did. As it turned out it saved me from an extremely stressful project with Jack today. After seeing him in action last night I can't imagine what it would have been like today having to monitor him and keep up with Lillie and Elliott as well. So big props to Freddy T. and his idea last night. It was a fun Christmas thing to do with our friends.

By the way, Jack LOVES our Growth Community. Reyn and Jamey have been a part of ours for a year now. Julie and Alinne joined this semester, but he loves them coming over each week. We have a silly thing we do before we put Jack to bed each night. Either Freddy T. or I carry Jack and the other has to act like a robot and follow Jack to bed. If you've been here for bedtime you know what I'm talking about. The funny thing is Jack expects anyone who is here at bed time to be a robot, so typically every Wednesday night he has 3-4 robots following him to bed. He says "robots! line up behind mommy!" All that to say, our Growth Community has been wonderful and special to all of us.

Jack is telling you what we're doing in this video, but I don't think he really wanted to be on camera!

At first everyone was watching Jack, but they eventually jumped in and decorated their own.
Freddy T. thought we needed brown for the trunk of the Christmas Trees. He's working on creating that color icing here.
Jack clearly does not know how to handle sprinkles!
Alinne helped Jack do most of his decorating.
(Because Jack has trouble sounding out his L's when he says Alinne it sounds like A weenie. It's pretty funny!)

Julie made this cookie for Jack.
Jack was a mess.
All done!


pam said...

they look delightful,decorative and delicious! glad yall had fun. your Growth Group sounds wonderful! Blessings. I didn't see brown on a tree trunk, thought I may have seen one with grey. :) I think the robot idea is funny! Yall have a super day today!

Jennifer Zila said...

i LOVE the pic of the mound of sprinkles!! it looks like everyone had a fun time, especially jack!

rachie said...

YUM! Ask Jack if he is going to save me one of his cookies to eat next week? hahahaaa :) Looks like he had fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks just about as much fun as it is at moms. Maybe the grandsons can do cookies at moms one day while yall are here. FT always made it some kind of competition. Glad yall had fun. Gotta wait until school is out for the cooking to begin here. Aunt Di

Bev said...

Those cookies look so yummy and with all of the TLC that Jack put in them they must be really good. Wish I was there to taste them. Looking forward to seeing all of you in January.

Love you,
Aunt Bev

Christie, Logan, and Asher said...

Asher decorates in much the same manner. We made cupcakes for the kids on his birthday, and he poured so many sprinkles on the top that, in my opinion, they were inedible. The kids scarfed the crunchy monstrosities right up :). Life with three year old is never boring!