Friday, April 17, 2009

What's a Lawn Mower?

We finally have a warm beautiful day here in The Big Apple! We spent the morning at the playground in Central Park and had a great time. While we were there I was helping Jack up a ladder and this little boy said "You're in my shop." So I proceeded to play along, here's how our conversation went... (I'm in bold)

What are you selling?
Anything you want.
Do you have candy?
How about some M&M's?
(he proceeds to "give" me M&M's and I "paid")
How about some skittles?
(same exchange)
I'm selling houses too. Do you want a house?
No not today, I don't need a house.
(Jack came to my side so I asked...)
What about lawn mowers? Do you have any of those?
What's a lawn mower?
You know, the thing that cuts the grass!

I could not believe it! Too funny!


Danielle M. said...

Since no one seems to be laughing along with you through comments, I will share the fact that I think this exchange was quite funny and eye-opening! :) :)

Mel said...

Hysterical! Ahh, life of those city folk!

pam said...

I see Jack needs to bring a big riding lawn mower to NYC and show the big city boys what's it really all about! lol I am laughing so hard, how cute! Sweet conversation! way too cute! :)