Thursday, April 30, 2009

Room Switch

We made the switch! Since we moved in we decided that once the kids were able to all share a room we would move them to the big bedroom and we would set up in the small bedroom. This past weekend we made the switch.

I love the new arrangement! Our room is cozy! It's much better having it attached to the living room. During the day when the kids are sleeping I can keep the french doors open and let the light from the bedroom window flow into the living room. Before the doors were shut for Jacks nap and I was "stuck" in the living room with no light other than the lamps. I enjoy lots of natural light. I've also found that it's the perfect nap time retreat. When the kids are sleeping I go in there and lay down on our bed, read, listen to music, just relax! It's perfect. And another benefit, last night for our growth community we didn't have to shut the doors for Jack to go to bed. We were able to keep it open and it didn't feel as cramped!

- the ABC picture is not hanging there anymore, it made it's way to the kids room, we have another picture hanging over our bed, just didn't get a picture of that for the post

- the display of pictures is my favorite in our house. It's nothing fancy. In fact it is on a wall that nobody will ever see except me and Freddy, but it's our family and I love it! The two pictures of Lillie and Elliott are pictures from when they were in the hospital and their hospital bands are below them. They were a baby gift, really cute.

I really like the kids room as well. As far as more room to play there really isn't more than before since there are 3 beds in there now instead of 2. But its a fun room and its nice to have all the toys in a place that is not so noticeable to everyone who comes over. I feel like our apartment looks a little neater than before. (don't get me wrong, it feels like a disaster most of the time, but this arrangement is a nicer disaster!)

- The pictures on the bottom right are from Lillie and Elliott's baby dedication. Our church does a neat thing where people can sign the mat inside the frame and write them a little note or prayer after the dedication.

Last night Jack slept in the big boy bed for the first time and the twins slept in their own bed for the first time. Jack had a little trouble falling asleep, but not as bad as I anticipated. We'll see how nap time goes today. Lillie had trouble falling asleep last night but was fine once she did and Elliott had no trouble falling asleep but was wide awake and crying at 3 in the morning, at the same time Jack sat up in his bed and told Elliott to be quiet then went back to sleep. So we still have some adjusting to do, but we are making progress.


Amber said...

The arrangement looks great. I'm glad you can get more sunlight during the day! I know that helps! We love you guys!

Donna said...

It's looks great and very functional. You are very creative.
Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

That is so encouraging! We are going to try to put Noah and Georgia in the same bedroom when he comes and I have been a little anxious about it. Obviously it can be done if you are doing it in smaller quarters than us and with twins! It looks great, keep us posted!

pam said...

too funny... "be quiet" and then fell back asleep. how adorable. I would probably want to say the same thing. I like the decor, seems functionable & the sweet idea your church does for baby dedication. The Light is glorious & so glad you have more of it now during the day especially since spring is here. Blessings and love,pam

Christi said...

It sounds great! I'm glad you're making yourself comfortable! THat's hilarious that Jack told the babies to be quiet during the night! I hope he continues to do well in the big boy bed!!

Gran said...

I'm not sure where the we came from. I think I would be more correct. Great job. I can't wait to see it in person

Anonymous said...

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