Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Home

We are finally getting settled here in Clarksville. Like I've said before our 2007 so far has been packed... here is a glimpse of the hard work that family and friends put into helping us (helping Freddy T. rather, Jack and I stayed out of the way) get our home ready to move into. Here are some before and after pictures.

This is a picture of the house before we cut the bushes and pulled up the mums. The snow picture I took this morning, you may not be able to tell much, but the bushes are cut and the mums are gone!

Our Living Room

Our Kitchen

Our Bedroom

Guest Bedroom/ Study

Jack's Room

Note* This blog is transistioning into our family blog while Freddy T. will be starting a new one of his own. We'll post his new blog's address when it's up.


Joe Donahue said...

Freddy and Susan,

Congrats on the move. Your home looks great!

Jonathan Zila said...

susan wyatt, i can't believe how great your home looks already!! It's beautiful. You simply MUST write a book and tell the rest of us how you do it... new city, new baby, new home. wow. we miss you guys and think of you often. y'all are in our prayers.

Jennifer Zila said...

oops. i can't ever remember my name and password! :) that last post was from me, Jen.

Anonymous said...

Mums is a fun word!

angcarley said...

Looks great guys have been busy :) I can't believe how much you have done in such a short amount of time!

Thanks for putting the pictures up...I couldn't wait to see the house!

Michael Bayne said...

LOve that house, Bill is a good friend of ours and I am thrilled you guys were able to buy his house. I know a fence is coming for the back yard - it is looking great.

llfour said...

Freddy T. Hey man, its been a while. You have a beautiful home, son and wife. You are a blessed man. I see you are in Clarksvegas. Shoot me an email sometime, I would love to catch up with you.

Glenna Marshall said...

The house looks great--so cute! What a difference a little paint can make, right? :) Looks like a wonderful first home!