Thursday, February 15, 2007

Aunt Duty

My sister-in-law and her husband are in the flower business, you can imagine how busy they have been this week preparing for Valentines Day. I had my first "real" aunt duty yesterday. While Scott and Diana were finishing up at the flower shop I picked up Wyatt(7 years old) and Patton (3 years old) and took them to church with me and Jack for dinner and Wednesday night activities. We had a lot of fun!

Jack getting ready to pick up his cousins.
Wyatt, Jack, and Patton

*Wyatt has blond hair, but last night at church there was a
competition within the childrens ministry to see who could come with the
most red on, therefore, he came with red hair last night.


Diana said...

The boys loved spending time with Aunt Susan and Jack. They said it was fun. Thanks a million!!!! Aunt Diana

wyatt said...

I think it is funny what you typed. Thank you for taking us. I think it was fun doing that. Love, WYATT

brandon said...

three of the greatest kids with the greatest parents. what a blessing it is to have your family in the ministry.

-brandon hester

Amber said...

I want to have "aunt duty" for Jack SOON! I miss him! The pics are so cute!