Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jack Turns 2 Months and Trevor Turns 1 Year

Jack has changed so much over the last month. His big accomplishments are smiling intentionally, I don't think its only by accident now, moving upstairs and sleeping in his room, becoming more alert, following things that he focuses on, and he joins his friends in the nursery at church instead of staying with Mommy in "big church."

While Jack turned 2 months, Trevor, our nephew, Bubba and Kristi's little boy, turned 1 year old. We all had fun celebrating with him!


rachie said...

Baby Jack's nursery friends at church were so glad to see him this morning. He looked so handsome in his blue outfit. I'm sure we will have fun watching him as he grows and changes!

Anonymous said...

We enjoy seeing the little ones as they grow up in your pictures that you post. They grow up so quickly and change so much day to day!
The chances of us being able to ever return to Tennessee decrease every day so these pictures are important to us.
Hug all those babies for us.
Uncle Guyton and Aunt Linda