Monday, August 21, 2006

Coffee All Around The World

So the HS reunion went really great, I'll probably post on that soon. But now it is on to coffee again. If you don't like coffee of some kind, get off my blog. Just kidding. Sort of. We've talked about Starbucks and our fav drinks from there but now it is time to turn the corner. Most of us have been in other coffee shops that we really enjoy. Sometimes its the location, sometimes its the atmosphere. Sometimes other coffee shops may not be as busy as SBUX and can take the time giving your drink the kind of attention that results in the best velvety foam around. A good example of this is Sunergos Coffee right here in Louisville. These guys do it right! They roast their own beans and have a genuine passion for coffee. They have free wireless internet and they are just a couple minutes from the house. If you are in the Louisville area be sure to hit Sunergos.

So what are the special non-SBUX coffee spots for you?

Another one that is very dear to my heart is Small World Coffee in Princeton, New Jersey. Susan and I visited there as often as we could. Small World is located right across the street from Princeton's campus. They were extremely busy in the evenings but that did not stop them from making the best cappuccino foam I've ever had. The atmosphere at Small World Coffee can't be beat. One of my favorite date nights I've ever had with Susan ended with good conversation over a hazelnut cappuccino with chocolate powder on top at SWC. I do indeed miss Small World Coffee along with all the good people in NJ. Lord willing, I'll enjoy a good cappuccino with some of the dearly missed people from The Point as I venture up that way in November for a mission trip. Till then, just look over to the right and see what you are missing.

So where are your favorite non-SBUX coffee shops?
Why do you like that shop so much?
What are your favorite drinks there?


Lori C. said...

Hey Guys!
First of all, congratulations on Jack Thomas. It will be fun! place I love is the Coffee Company right here in Celaya. They have excellent coffee and it's only 2 blocks from our house. And there is one other place here that is a chain is called the Italian Coffee Company. It's also good. have to understand....I love both of them. times when nothing else is normal, a cup of coffee can be. Life here can be wild...and we don't have all the options all the time like SBUX but one of my cold favorites is a Oreo Frappe. They take a Mocha Frappe and blend Oreo cookie all through it. It's great. Although I can buy great coffee to make in my home here, I am looking forward to our year in the states and there is a SBUX in Jackson!!!!
Love you guys!!!!

paul said...

FreddyT...great topic! i love it!
obviously, there is not a shortage of great coffee spots in the great Northwest. it seems like there is one (or twenty) for each mood. Here's my list, in no particular order - since i don't have a favorite mood: :)

Palio is a very cool place in the heart of the Hawthorne district. It is about a minute from Western Seminary, so it works for me on Mondays when I'm in school. It is a study kind of coffee shop with a huge bookshelf and a separate section designated for those who need to study.

Near Palio is another nice quiet place to hang out called Chance Of Rain Cafe

The last few semesters I've spent a lot of time at World Cup Coffee on 18th & Glisan in Northwest Portland. They have great coffee and amazing pastries. They just opened one in the Pearl district as well, but everytime i go there the people feel a bit stuffy.

You can't talk about coffee in Portland without mentioning Stumptown Coffee - Portland's finest. The opening of thier first store on Division Street in 1999 is what started a coffee revolution in Portland. Not only do they roast their own coffee, but they host authentic Portland art in all of their stores and have regular art shows as well. Very cool.

Even though the best coffee shops are on the east side of Portland or the Northwest part of the city, there are some nice places on the west side as well.
One of my favorite places to hang out is Bella Espresso. When you walk in to this place your attention is driven up where a masterpiece renaissance painting is covering practically the whole ceiling. Donnie Masterson, a friend of mine, is the in-house artist. Check out his art on their site. He paints in many coffee shops all over the Northwest and the West coast. Bella has two shops, one in Cannon Beach and one in Portland. They are going for a third in Pearl very soon. FTW - this is the shop we went to on the Oregon Coast...remember that?

Longbottom Coffee, right down the street from the Ethnos offices, is where we have most of our church ministry team meetings. The owners, the Baccellieri's, go to Village Church - where I used to work - and their daughter was one of my interns. Great people! We've thrown a number of Ethnos events at their store. The coffee shop is located right next to Intel in Hillsboro (where I live) and is connected to their coffee roasting warehouse. It has a very unique atmosphere, and Donnie Masterson painted all the art they have in their shop - huge 8X10 canvases of rural farms and rolling hills. They also serve gourmet breakfast and lunches.

So there's my list. If you're ever in Pdx, check out any of these. All the above have free wireless too. Obviously not on this list are any of the Starbucks at which I spend way too much time. My favorite stores here in Portland are the NW 23rd and Overton store, the Lake Oswego store on Hwy 43 (the best layout I've ever seen in a Starbucks), Orenco Station, and Hawthorne and 39th - the best intersection in Portland.

So there's Portland.

Frank Kennedy said...

Mine is a Dairy Queen mocha "moolate". There pretty good on a hot day! FYI ive never been to one coffee shop.

Susan Wyatt said...


Next time we are all together we'll all go out for you to have a new experience!


Lori said...

No we were actually right outside of Cincinatti. My dad lives there and we stayed with him for a week.

-mike- said...

Try Logos Coffeehouse on Frankfort. Good stuff.

tara said...

Hey Guys!
Freddy thanks for the lessons in sbux ordering tonight. I really enjoyed it and don't feel quite so ignorant in a coffee shop. And, hey, we would be so into pulling weeds right along side the Wyatts too!