Saturday, June 03, 2006

Missing Susan in NC

I flew over to Wilmington, NC Thursday to preach for a college event hosted by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The retreat is held at the beach of sorts at Ft. Caswell. Yesterday morning at 6:00 the alarm in the room connected to mine began to go off. It was loud. It was not stopping. I got up, went through the kitchenette, knocked on the door and hollered at no one to get up and turn the alarm off. I went outside (where I noticed it was beautiful at 6am) and knocked on the door and again hollered at no one to turn the alarm off. I came back to my room and got in bed. The noise did not seem as loud as it had previously been. The the air conditioner kicked off and the alarm clock returned to its original volume. I opened the drawer to the night stand and found a number to the retreat center. A security guard answered the phone. "I'm a speaker here this week, and I'm in room 12. The alarm in room...", "What building are you in?" He interrupted. "It is a long flat...", "That doesn't help me." He interrupted again. [apparently since there are about 20 different buildings on campus a description was not going to be that helpful.] So I found a map in the Guests Services Directory and was able to identify what building I was in, and finished telling the man on the other line what the problem was. Within about 12 minutes someone came with a key to room 11 and turned the alarm off. Back to bed I went. While up at 6am that morning I did notice the beauty of the campus and beach at that time of morning, so I decided to get up [on purpose] this morning and go for a run. My alarm went off at 6:15 and I awoke to find it raining and cloudy. Ahhh! It has been a great few days here. It is a fairly small group of about 50 college students and they are soaking the messages up. Last night, I went to eat with the director and a few others to a hole in the wall [best kind] seafood joint. It was actually at the site where they filmed part of the boat scene from the movie Cape Fear. The boiled shrimp and crab cakes were so good! The retreat is going great, I just miss Susan like crazy. Some of you who read this, may be wondering why we didn't get her to come too. Well, they only allow a certain number of seats on each flight to be allotted for vouchers and we waited too late to try to snag a ticket. I've got three more messages and then back to Louisville. I'll miss the good folks at FBC tomorrow. I start a one-week summer term on World Religions Monday. Perhaps my flight home on Sunday will be as fruitful as this one was.


Susan Wyatt said...

I miss Freddy T. a lot too. I'm looking forward to picking him up at the airport tomorrow... things are just different when he is not around. Love you babe. See you tomorrow!

Brian T. said...

God Word!

Freddy T. and Susan

God was amazing at Fort Caswell.. He spoked to me and really crap my attention.. I put my feet in God shoes..and you wouldn't belived what he show me over the days we went over Micah 6:8...Thanks for preacing God word to me..You were true blessing from God.. Thanks again... Hope see ya or talk to you soon..

john mark said...

I was at camp Sat through Wednesday, which is the first time in our ten month marriage we have been away from each other.
This Sunday I'm leaving for the SBC. Needless to say Karen is not excited that I am leaving AGAIN. We sympathize with your angst to get home and be with your loved one.

Lori said...

Hey guys I have a question, where did you go to on blogger to create the list of other blogs. I would really like to do that on mine. Also once again how can I become cool enough to have my blog on your list of blogs.

Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Hey Lori! When you go to make a new post you can click on the "template" tab. Once there, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom until you find the "google" and "edit me" stuff. That is where you would type the address and title of blogs in. There are probably better instructions somewhere on the blogger webpage somewhere. Hope that helps. How is TX treating you guys? I may get to go up to New Brunswick on a little mission trip with our Sunday school class in Nov. Tell Dustin hey! I gave you and your little one's a little shout out. ;-)