Monday, June 12, 2006

Hero Highlight - The Claytons

Great friends of ours, and intimate friends of Jesus, Craig, Lori, Lydia, Graham, and Isabella Clayton are missionaries in Celaya, Mexico. The Claytons are heroes of mine for too many reasons to list. Currently, they have abandoned many comforts, safeties, and simple pleasures I take for granted all for the sake of taking the gospel to the people of Celaya. They will probably cringe if they read this, for they do not think of themselves as heroes. Nevertheless, heroes they will forever remain in my heart. Their courage and faith in recent days have been a model for the church all over the world.

Life as a missionary is real. Missionaries get tired, frustrated, angry, and afraid.

Pause and pray for the Claytons with me today. Pray for a supernatural filling of the Spirit and power of God in their lives today. Pray specifically that God will raise up and grow strong indigenous leaders in their midst. Visit their their website to learn a little more about their ministry in Celaya and how to pray for them most specifically. Impact the world today through prayer for the Claytons!


Lori said...

Wow Freddy,
I am speechless. I was coming to read about you all, and there was our picture. I had to hit the refresh button on my browser to make sure I was in the right place. Thank you for your support. We continue to struggle at times, but know that God is sovreign in all that comes our way. I will tell Craig to check out your blog today as well. I am sure he will want to respond.

We love you lots. I believe Susan has another appointment we have to hear if there are 3!!!! Please post it as soon as you know!

Craig aka "Antonio" said...

SeƱor Frederico,
Thanks for the prayer support. It is always humbling when our friends care enough to take time out and pray for us. You inspired me to update our site and there is another "thank you" there as well.
Pray for the open doors to the gospel that we begin to find and explore. Trust in Mexico is a huge issue and each house church usually takes a large amount of time to cultivate due to trust factors.
Never forget the main thing is Jesus. . .Hasta la vista! Craig

The Lushers said...

Saw your blog mentioned on the Clayton's site. We will be with your friends Sept. 30 through Oct. 7, 2006. Eight folks from our church (Looxahoma Baptist Church, Senatobia, MS) will work with a local church in an Operation GO project in Celaya. We are preparing now for this challenge. Ronnie and Janie Lusher.