Friday, April 09, 2010

Mommy's Day Off!

We've settled into a good, general, weekly schedule with Mary and Lydia. Basically they work with us part-time and the other part of their week is free for them to work or have down time, whatever they need to do.

Tuesdays they have the kids all day and it is MY DAY OFF! I can't tell you how excited it makes me to have a whole day once a week to just do what I need or want to do. This past Tuesday was my second week of having Tuesday's all to myself. The first week it was pouring down rain and windy and cold. This past Tuesday it was beautiful. I started my day walking a few blocks, we'll 2 long blocks and 10 short blocks to the train (I took a different train than normal) and rode to the North side of Central Park. I've never been in that section before so I figured I'd just walk and come out further down the park. It was beautiful. It felt more like I was in the woods than in a park in the middle of a huge city.

These pictures were in the North Woods.

Afterwards I caught a train and headed down to Herald Square and walked all around that neighborhood. I'm not sure the miles I walked that day, but it was a lot. The church meets in that area, actually several blocks down in the Flatiron District, but this was where I started my exploring. We've talked about the possibility of living closer to the church for lots of reasons and I wanted to see what the area was like and if it would work for our family.

I still think it's wild that on a casual day out this is what I see (and every Sunday on our way to church)
I read on a Noel Pipers blog the other day about her visit to Macy's for the Spring Flower Show. She said if you lived in NYC, Chicago, and a few other cities you still had a chance to catch it. So I went. If you've ever been at Christmas, just imagine that scene switched out with tons and tons of fresh flowers. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was pretty neat.

I went in Macy's looking for comfortable, flowy skirts to wear this spring and summer. After last summer I realized that was the coolest (not necessarily fashion cool, but not burning up cool) way to endure the heat around here. Didn't have any last year, this year I will!

Have you ever been shopping in Macy's in this city? It was crazy! I have no idea how anyone shops in that store. It is so big and overwhelming. Unless you're looking for a particular designer, I don't know who has the time to look at all the options. I got the twins an outfit, no skirts.

And I think it's still neat that several of the escalators in Macy's are still these old timey wooden ones.
And as I was heading toward the train. I heard someone call my name. It was Nathan and Lesley from church. I love running into people in the city that I know. It happens every now and then and it really makes it feel more like home when you recognize someone out of millions ever so often.


Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

Hey Susan, I've been to Macys in NYC several times during Christmas, and it was CRAZY!!! Way too many people, and there was no way to see everything, much less really shop!! The flowers look gorgeous, glad you got a day to yourself!

pam said...

Yes, I have been at Macy's in NYC several times myself. Like you said chaos mixed with beauty! When I was about Jack's age, my mom took me to NYC & I fell down those lovely wooden escalators and my long hair and coat got stuck at the bottom(somehow i was not hurt)tore my coat up and pulled out some of the hair, but gave me a reason to wear my mom's "real fur" coat back in the mid 1960's, I wouldn't wear one now(plz no animal activist replies haha. Glad you have a day to yourself. Enjoy and God Bless

Donna said...

New York Macy's is very overwhelming for me but I'm sure I could learn to like it. You think?