Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Family Tradition

This year as we remember Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection we are starting a new tradition with our family. Thursday night when we went to bed we turned all the lights off in our apartment and they will remain off until we wake up Sunday morning. With the lights off we are remembering how horrible Jesus' death was and the darkness that covered the earth those days while he was in the grave. On Sunday morning we'll turn on all the lights and celebrate that our Savior lives and is no longer in the grave! It's been a good meditation for our family.

Jack doesn't mind the lights being off. We have talked a lot about it and he knows why we are doing it. Once the sun goes down it's a little harder for him because it is dark, with the exception of a few candles, but he has done well with it.

Yesterday morning I was cooking breakfast with no lights and it was dark in our kitchen. Jack came in and said "Mommy, are we celebrating God in the kitchen too?" I love that he was thinking about it. He'll be so excited tomorrow morning to get to turn all the lights back on and we'll have a great day celebrating our Risen Savior!

Family Easter pictures will be posted tomorrow. I hope they turn out better this year than last.


Donna said...

Big change from last Easter to this Easter!

pam said...

Yes, I agree, they have grown so much. How adorable of Jack to say that about you cooking in the kitchen. I love the idea of turning off all lights. How moving, how wonderful! HE is Risen!