Thursday, September 10, 2009


This morning we had to go to the doctor for Jack to have some blood work done in preparation for his lip surgery in a few weeks. He was so good. They had to stick the needle in 3 different veins before they got blood. His veins are too small right now for it to be "easy". He sat in my lap the first time and didn't make a sound, but tears were flowing from his eyes. So hard for me to watch. The next two time he cried like I expected him to. I think I can handle loud crying better than the silent cry. He was trying to be so strong. Because he was so good we went to a toy store and bought some new play dough.
He's showing you his band aids

Lillie and Elliott went with us this morning too. They were so good. Never made a sound till Jack started crying loud then Elliott lost it too. We are well known at the doctors office. It is a family practice, but there are very few kids there. I've never seen another kid in the office. We come barreling in 3 in tow.

Lillie is all over the place now. She'll go anywhere.
There were Cheerios under the exersaucer, so she climbed under and had a snack.

Elliott was sitting up in his bed this morning when I went in to get him. That was the first time he has greeted me in that position.


Kathy said...

NayNay is proud of you Jack! Have fun with your play dough.

It's fun seeing Lillie and Elliott in different positions.

Love you all - Mom

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed catching up on all the pictures and goings on. Can hardly wait to get up there and get my hands on my three great grandchildren. Hugs until I get there. Great Gran

pam said...

Will be praying for Jack's lip surgery. I hear you the silent, more quiet cries do hurt the most. God Bless him and God bless you. Thank you Susan for sharing the loves of your life. It shows your beautiful heart. With Love, pam

Lee Ann said...

So sorry Jack and you had to go through that. Lillie and Elliott are changing so fast; just wait until they have more space to roam! Love to all - Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jack will have many prayers for his surgery, include mine. Thank you for keeping us updated, we all love your family. Can't wait to come to NYC sometime. Praying for your move too, I'm thankful for God's provision for you.
We love and miss you
Betty B

Christi said...

Poor Jack! Getting "stuck" is never fun! (For baby or momma!)