Friday, July 10, 2009

Small Crash

The computer I use at home is not working. I don't mean I can't get on the internet, I mean I can't even click on anything to try to get on the internet. I'm not sure if it can be revived or not. I can still use Freddy's computer when I get a free second in the evenings, but I'm afraid my blogging will slow down quite a bit since I don't have access during the day. I'll do my best though.

I'll leave you with this.

Yesterday I was making baby food. Jack was helping and Elliott was in his exersaucer playing. When it's time to start the blender I let Jack know and he quickly leaves the room because it's too loud for him. A second or two later I heard him talking to Elliott so I poked my head out of the kitchen to see what he was doing this is what I heard.

Note: Elliott was not crying and Jack had his hands cupping his face.

"Elliott, you don't have to be sad. I'm going to take care of you until that blender goes off."


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely precious. I will miss reading your frequent blogs. I told your mom the other day that you can tell the babies are in a good routine by often you have started posting stuff. We love hearing all the sweet things that Jack and the babies are doing. We sure miss all of you!
Patti Smith

Jamie said...

This is so cute and so funny.

Mindy said...

Such a good big brother & so cute!

Anonymous said...

So precious. I hope he will always be that tender and caring for their feelings. Give them a kiss for me. Gran

Anonymous said... leave me laughing!

Danielle M. said...

Love it!! Hopefully he'll continue to "protect" as Lilly and Elliot get older :]

Anonymous said...

So cute. There is nothing like a Big Brother to watch over you.

Anonymous said...

Jack is such a sweetheart! I know you guys are so proud of him and how he has embraced being a big brother. I love being able to keep up with you guys! Love you all!

pam said...

Just darling! He is a good big brother. Too cute, he is a funny little guy! Love you Jack