Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching Up

I'll try to do a week's worth of post in one...

Today we went to the playground in Central Park at E. 96th St. It was our first trip to the East Side, walking just the 4 of us that is. They have Sandbox Programs in Central Park this summer where each day of the week at different playgrounds there is a kids music program. I was excited that I actually remembered reading about it and made a plan to be there today. There was a crowd.
Jack was totally uninterested. He sat with me for 5 minutes while they were setting up and said "ok, it's over." And this is where he spent the rest of the concert.

In the sand! With the 5 other kids not into the program

Afterwards he just played.

I couldn't believe he jumped on this thing surrounded by other kids. He spent the whole time yelling "excuse me" because that girl in the front wasn't moving.Then he climbed to the top of this thing and showed me his muscles.

Lillie and Elliott slept a little at the park. Jack was worn out by the time we got home. After a few minutes had passed since I put them all down this is what I found.
Jack insisted on napping with ALL the pillows... and his red chair. And he usually falls asleep with his green blanks over his head.Elliott.. wide awake!Lillie... wide awake!

This afternoon Jack and Lillie waited in front of the elevator for Freddy T. to get home.
The rest are just a few more pictures from today and over the past week.

Freddy T. and Jack playing Memory while I cleaned the kitchen.Elliott and Freddy T. hanging out.
The first picture of them all 3 sitting togetherBest Friends!


Amber said...

love love love the pictures....especially the last one!!!! SO CUTE!!! Counting down the days until we see you guys! Yay!
Love to all five!
Aunt Amber

Anonymous said...

You did good with your posting today. Loved seeing all the pictures. The one of Jack and Lillie waiting for the elevator and the last one of Lillie and Elliott are priceless. Hugs to all, Great Gran

rachie said...

Uhh...you think I would not be having withdrawals already! I can hear Jack saying "excuse me" and "look at my muscles!" Tell him I miss playing at the park with him. And I loved the pillows in the bed...HA! I'm sure he said "just two more." :) Thanks for posting all the great pics.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are just so adorable. I love the one of Jack and Lillie waiting for daddy and then to see them with Freddy T, sooo sweet. Thank you for posting.
Patti Smith

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but these pictures are darling. I have laughed till I have tears in my eyes. Can't wait until the 25th.

Amy J said...

susan. can i just say that i am wowed by the fact that you are so hip in the city and know all the fun stuff like the sandbox thing and the stroller class and such. And, honestly, I am even more wowed that you take the time to blog about it! You are my version of wonder woman. I am so impressed and LOVE being able to watch the kids grow up on this blog. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop like this.

You're in my google reader—only because you are the person who told me about google reader. otherwise, I'd never know what's going on with anybody.

love to the wyatts,
amy j

Karen said...

oh this was a great post, susan! i love the pics of your kiddos! please tell jackers that john mark is the EXACT same way about sleeping with EVERY SINGLE pillow in our bed! drives me nutzo! looking forward to seeing you guys in december...i hear? by the way...did you see the pic of our son? isn't he precious!! God is good! love ya & miss you!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures, Susan. I especially love the one with Lillie's arm around Elliott. So precious. Can't wait to see you all next week.
Love you,
Aunt Bev

brandon hester said...

i love the picture of the twins at the end. i miss you guys. freddy keeps pushing me to come up, so we'll see. tell him that I am studying in london over new years eve, he ought to get a kick out of that!

The Boyds said...

best friends is the cutest picture I've seen in a while

Anonymous said...

That's such a fun post to read. And the picture of Jack showing you his muscles is espicially funny.
Greatings from Germany,

Love Antje

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Susan, you are gifted! I agree... Super Woman! The pictures are adorable. Good to see interaction with Freddy & the kids. Now let him take one with you and the kids :) hugs, pam

Mel Gruver said...

Okay- so since I have been a blog stalker for a while I feel like I know Jack...and I LOVE HIM!
He is the funnest!

Love that cutie pic of the twins. love ya!