Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while. We are all good here in NYC. Last week was my first week fully alone with all 3 kids since Hannah left. It was fine. Jack, Lillie, and Elliott are really good kids, it just seems like one of them always needs attention. So my days are more constant than they are really hard. Of course the constant demand is tiring, but it's been good. Here are a few pictures from over the past few weeks.
Jack trying out his new bubble bath
I was taking care of one of the babies one day when I heard the bathroom door shut. When I went in this is what I found. Jack was "hiding."

Another one of his hiding places. Behind the rocker. Here he is hiding because he got Daddy's earphones off the table and wants to play with them even though he knows he is not allowed.
Jack loves his sticker book Trevor gave him for his birthday!
(over 700 stickers!)
Jack before his haircut.

Yesterday we finally took Jack to get his first NYC haircut. He has needed one for months now. I think the last one was in September! Sunday he said "Mommy, haircut." That was my final motivation. It's bad when the 2 year old realizes its out of control! So we all loaded up the stroller and walked down to Kidville. Jack got to sit in the police car and drive and got to watch Thomas the Train while he got his haircut. And the other bonus... Moms get a complimentary manicure while the kids are getting trimmed up. It was a fun experience. Afterwards we met up with the Coe's and got lunch at The Shake Shack then walked over to Central Park, ate lunch and Jack and Ezra played on the playground. The weather was so nice here yesterday, sunny and comfortable outside. A much needed break from the freezing cold. Of course it's snowing outside right now!
Jack and Daddy

Jack chose to sit in the police car. The other two options were the fire truck or airplane.

Our walk along the side of Central Park on the way to the playground.
Jack this morning showing off his haircut.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what a big boy Jack looks like now! His haircut is darling. The twins are beautiful, too. They've grown!
Susan, I hope that you're getting a manicure in that picture--no doubt you NEED a little pampering! Hope you are getting some rest.

Anonymous said...

Lillie, and especially Elliott, have changed so much since I was there. Elliot's little jaws remind me of Jack at that age. They are precious and beautiful. Jack is so handsome with his haircut, (I like it) I know he feels better. I am glad Susan was pampered a little, too, and all of you enjoyed lunch in the park. Love each of you so much. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. The pictures are great. The babies' cheeks are really filling out. All three of them are adorable and I'm excited about seeing them in 18 days!
That place where Jack got his h/c is neat.

pam said...

Oh my goodness! They are absolutely precious! Jack is just adorable! His hair looked cute both ways, but the haircut is so nice. What a fun salon! Glad yall were able to get outdoors at the park& play. Elliot& Lillie look beautiful & healthy. You & Freddy look good & healthy too. It's freezing here after a few days in the 60's now its the teens tonight! brrrr. love the pics ty for sharing your lovely family day with us. God Bless, pam have a wonderful week! :)

rachie said...

Susan - They are ALL getting so big and they get cuter by the day! I'm sure you all enjoyed your day out in the open at the park - enjoy those pretty days when you can. I love Bucks' new haircut, although I thought he was pretty cute without it! Miss all of you.....

My life in NYC... said...

I was excited to hear the Jack got to go to Kidville and get a haircut. I miss Central Park with Jack. The babies are precious, I can't wait to see them this summer. I know you are looking forward to Aunt Mary Coleman coming up soon! I miss yall so much. Love you!

My life in NYC... said...
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Amber said...

wow...that hair salon for kids was pretty cool...Jack's haircut looks great. He is so handsome! I love the pictures of Elliott and Lillie too. I'm so glad that we get to visit with you guys on skype now. You are doing great Susan and Freddy!

Anonymous said...

ok that place looks very kid friendly. Is Wyatt too big to do that, cause I may just keep them from getting a hair cut here until we come visit. Then they can get one there. I know they are probably to big for that stuff but fun to see. Thanks for the cute pictures. I love seeing the babies. Jack is talking so much love hearing him. Take care and take all advantage of mom being there that will make her feel good. She totally is wanting to help the babies and you. Aunt Di

Lori said...

Thanks for the update!!! It's great to hear from you!!

Lee Ann said...

All the Kennedy's enjoyed looking at the pictures last night. We really miss you all. Jack made us laugh and Lillie and Elliott made us ooh and awwh! We love you all! Hang in there.

Lee Ann

Mel said...

Girl, I admire your attitude so much! I have days with my potty training, sassy 3 year old and acid refluxing 3 month old where I'm not sure I'll remain sane. I remind myself of you and Haley L and remember that God is good! Hang in there!

Christi said...

I'm sure the warm day was well-needed! Jack looks so cute with his haircut and I can't believe how fast those babies have grown! I hope you ALL are doing well. Stay warm...and rested!

angie said...

the babies are growing so fast...they are too sweet!!

love jack's new haircut! such a big boy :)

Anonymous said...

Susan and family,

Pap and I enjoyed your NY minute and the pictures of the children. Jack looks like a big boy now. I loved his hair cut. The twins are really filling out and are so cute. We still are waiting for Joe to find time to get our WebCam connected. As soon as he does we will be calling.

Love to you all,
Grandma and Pap