Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3, 6, 9, 12

When Jack was 3, 6, 9, and 12 months we took him to get his picture made for a panel of his first year. I love it! It's so fun to see how much he changed over his 1st year. I want the same thing for Lillie and Elliott but can't afford/not willing to pay to go to a studio here in the city. Our friends Jon and Jen Zila in New Jersey came over about a month ago with their little girl to spend a day with us. She was telling us about enjoying photography and I asked if she would be willing to take some pictures of Lillie and Elliott for us so I could create my own panel for them. I showed her what Jack's looked like and she graciously agreed to do it for us.

So... yesterday we loaded up the 4-Runner and headed to Jersey. It was quite the experience for me. Here's how it worked. I had to reserve the church car a few weeks ago on the church calendar. My goal was to pick up the car around 9:oo a.m. in the morning. So at 8:30 I called the garage and gave them our slot number so the car would be waiting for me when I got there. I carried a diaper bag, another bag, my purse, and two bases for the carseats with me down to catch a cab and rode about 30 blocks north to the garage. I installed everything and drove back to our apartment and looked for a parking spot. Found one sort of close to our building and parked. Then I went up to our apartment and met Donna (my aunt visiting from TN), Jack, Lillie and Elliott. I carried Jacks car seat and Jack, Donna packed the twins in their carriers. We got to the car, got the twins in, Jack was hanging out in the front seat while I squeezed his seat into the back. If it had been an inch wider they would not have all fit! Then I made my way to New Jersey. It was my first time driving in the city and my first time behind the wheel in 4 months! It was so liberating to drive again. Very enjoyable! We had a great time at the Zilas and headed home. It was the same drill only in reverse. It certainly was not as easy as walking out to your vehicle in the driveway and going somewhere. I could not do what we did yesterday alone. It would be impossible!

I know that was a lot, but I thought you might like a glimpse of what it is like up here for us to do something that seems so simple. It was worth it though. I have only seen a sneak peak of the pictures on the Zila's blog. Can't wait to see the rest.

Thanks Jen for allowing us to come over . We had such a good time!


Bo and Katie Kitchen said... I feel bad for complaining about going down to our garage and putting Maddie (and only Maddie) in her carseat and then pulling right out of the garage! I can't imagine the upheavel and stress of trying to do everything you had to do! I am sure it was worth it though, you will have to be sure to post the pictures when they are done!


Amber said...

wow...what a day! That is so generous of your friends to take the pictures! I can't wait to see the rest! I just can't wait to get my hands on my beautiful niece and nephews!!! Love to all!
Aunt Amber

rachie said...

Susan - The pics so far are adorable! I laughed when I saw the one of Jack in the tie - HA! Lillie and Elliott are already changing so fast and I'm sure you enjoyed getting in a car and driving again (although I'm sure it seemed like a huge adventure!) Hope you are all doing well and getting rest - I wanna visit real bad (hopefully sooner than later!) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey that sound eventful!!! You are super mom and doing a great job. I'm sure Donna didn't argue about all the trouble at all. Lori suggested that you get the one with Jack in the tie done in sepia with only his eyes and the tie done in color (blue). That would be so cute. Aunt Di

The Fitzgerald's said...

i was out of breath! Kudos to you!

Mel said...

Susan, I love reading your posts! They are so humbling to me. I thought driving in Naples, Italy was crazy (it's rated the second worst city for driving in the world) but I honestly think I'd rather do that than drive in NYC. And the idea of having to reserve the church vehicle in order to get out of the city I think is probably foreign to all of us small town folks. So funny! Awesome stories!

AmyP said...

Susan - I'm not sure if you'll even remember me from back in the day in Clarksville, but I just wanted to let you know that you are soooooo prayed for. I heard from my mom and dad (Harvey and Peggy Britton) that you guys were having twins and moving to New York and through facebook I found your blog. I just had a baby boy about month after your twins and let's just say, God reminds me to pray for you all the time. We're praying for the kids, for you and Freddy and for New York. Thanks for keeping this blog - and know that some people in Chicago are very much praying for you especially. (And I seriously don't know how you do it - you're amazing!)