Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last Wednesday night Freddy and I got a chance to go out on a date. When we got out of the building he asked me to choose Option A or Option B. He had in his head two destinations and I had to pick which one we went to first. I chose option B, so we hopped in a cab and headed to Barnes and Noble. He darted to the NYC section with a book in mind. At last he found it and we made the purchase. We walked away with New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet. Can you believe it? It's the perfect book for us right now!

Listen to one of the top 50:

Yelo (

" The somnolence begins inside this specially designed YeloCab- virtually soundproof, honeycomb-shaped sleep pod. A soft recliner surrounds you like a beige leather cocoon, elevating your legs for a feeling of weightlessness that slows your heart rate You customize the colors of the unique LED lighting system to wake you from slumber with soothing, simulated daylight, and select from a choice of calming music or soporific environmental soundtracks. The effect is magical and immediate- like mainlining melatonin with none of the risks."

$12 for 20 minutes
$24 for 40 minutes

I'm sure its worth every soon as I get the chance I'm there!


Anonymous said...

I think I'd start saving now for a night's worth of slumber in the pod! Let's see, that would be about $288 for 8 hours of sleep! I think 20 minutes would just be enough to make me mad...kinda like "power naps." Let us know if you check it out!
Kristi Cherry

Catrina said...

Glad you guys got out for a while. I know that is refreshing! Have a great weekend!
PS...So what was option A?! :)

Anonymous said...

OH! OH! where do I sign up? Sleep! I think I remember that concept. I think I used to do that before Uncle Guyton learned to snore so loud!
Congratulations on getting to go on your date. Make sure you do that occasionally to keep your sanity.
I agree with Kristi about 20 minutes being just enough sleep to make you mad.
Love, Aunt Linda

pam said...

that is too funny! glad you were able to go out on a date! yeah, I am with Catrina... option A...? :) hope the kids are well and hannah and you and Freddy. hugs, pam