Wednesday, August 13, 2008

22 weeks 2 days

We had a great doctors visit today. Lillie and Elliott are progressing well. Lillie weighed in at 1lb 1 oz and Elliott trailed at only 15 oz. They are healthy and laying one on top of the other. Both heads on the right side of my belly. I'd scan a picture but they take up so much space its hard to tell anything about the pictures. I must say though, Lillie stole the show today. The technician said she was very photogenic.

As for me. Someone told me I didn't look that big in the picture I posted last night. I reminded them that was 2 weeks ago. To prove my point I've gained 10 pounds since my last doctors visit and I'm currently measuring that of a 28 week pregnancy. It continues to be interesting to see peoples faces when they learn I'm only 22 weeks along. My doctor said things are looking good. He doesn't see any reason for concern now or in the future, of course that can change, but for now I'll keep playing with Mr. Jack and packing away through out the day.

I'm going to my sister-in-laws baby shower this weekend. That will be my next attempt to try to look decent, I'll get someone to snap an updated picture of me then.


Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

Hi Susan! You look very pretty in your pregnant picture! We really look forward to seeing you up here soon. Please let us know what we can do to help you guys!

pam said...

Dear Susan, you are a lovely pregnant mother and wife! You are the apple of His eye! :) Praying for continued and renewed strength in HIM! hugs, pam