Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So Much To Share

We have so much to share. Sorry for the long delay. The past few months have been full. The past few weeks have been extremely full, very exciting, scary, sad, hard, faith filled weeks.
First- I'll work really hard on getting a belly picture for the blog in the next day or so.
Second- We have names for the babies. Lillie Beth and Elliott. Elliott does not have a middle name yet. We have some ideas, but have not landed on anything, but I'll let you know once we do. Lillie is Freddy's grandmothers name and Beth is my middle name. Elliott was my grandfathers middle name. We are so excited to pass them along to our little ones.
Third- Through God's leading and after 4 years of caring the vision in our hearts the Lord has opened up the door for our family to move to New York City and be church planting missionaries. We are so excited! We are sad to leave our family and church family here in Clarksville, but eagerly wait to see what God is going to do in our lives and how he is going to use us to spread his truth to the millions of people in the city. I want to share more thoughts, but right now I don't have the time or energy to get it all out. Freddy has written some on his blog so you can check that out for the time being. I want to post more real soon. I do have lots of thoughts and I want to share with you the journey of faith God is taking me on. We've had an idea that this day would come someday, I never thought it would be this year. Our plan right now is to be in NYC by October 1st. We have a lot to do between now and then so I'll try to post regularly.
Fourth- I need to post pictures of Mr. Jack. He is growing so much and is so much fun to be around. He is 19 months old and full of energy. If you ask him how old he is he'll hold up one finger and say "two!" He can also fake like he is sleeping. Today when I went to get him out of the car he had his head tilted with his eyes closed like he was sleeping and I whispered in his ear and said, "Mr. Jack, you're not asleep" a huge smile spread across his face and he livened up, enough to play for 3o more minutes before he went to sleep for his nap. We love being his mommy and daddy. By the way, he still won't say mommy or anything that comes close to it. He says all kinds of words and his favorite phrase is "garage door go up" but can't get the boy to say mommy... why is that?
Finally- Thank you for reading all of this. Please keep praying for us. Pray that the Lord will provide our needs and sustain our faith. He has done that so far, but we need it each and every day. Also, pray for my pregnancy. So far its going great, but we have a lot going on between now and when the twins are born. Pray that they will continue to grow healthy and that I'll be able to rest enough but be very productive at the same time.


Katie Kitchen said...

Any chance Jack calls you Susan instead?? Maddie loves to call Bo by his name...she thinks it's hilarious...I think it's because she hears me say that rather than Daddy all the time. How exciting about NYC...I'm sure you and Freddy will be a beacon of hope and inspiration to so many up there. Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading more and following along on the journey that God has been taking you on as you prepare to move.

Angela said...

Wow! Ya'll are going to be busy! I am so excited for you guys and look forward to more updates!!

christi said...

You guys are lifted up at the Cavness house! God has great things planned and those children are in His care, so you just rest and don't worry!! Love you guys!

Dustin said...

Wow NYC!! I'm eager to hear more details.

Chad & Jennifer Eidemiller said...

hey girl! i am so excited for you all! I know Chad saw Freddy at our middle school summer camp and he said it was awesome! I love the names you picked out :) That is a super hard decision with one kid much less two! I am sooo jealous that you all are going to NYC. I'm assuming with Aaron and Carmen right? Wow, I love and miss them. Anyways, glad you are doing good we'll be praying for all the stuff you have to get done & taking care of yourself and those babies! Talk to you soon! love ya girl!

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to let you know that all of you are in my prayers. I know it can't and won't be easy to leave Clarksville for lots of reasons! And heaven knows how much I'm going to miss my Jack and the babies! I wanted to let you know how awesome I think you guys are for picking up and leaving your comfort zone and following God to NYC! WOW! I mean you are really LIVING OUT LOUD FOR GOD! And I admire you and Freddy T. so much for that! Jack is so blessed to have you two for parents!
See ya Sunday,

Pam said...

Dear Susan, You and your sweet family are in my prayers. I love family names, the legacy and heritage. Their names are lovely! I do pray for strength and energy and rest for you during your pregnancy and move. It will be quite exhausting. The hospital's name by the way is Mt Sinai. Excellent in prenatal care. I am happy for your family the adventure that God has called you to, however you all will be tremendously missed! Who knows what God has in store for us... my father's wisdom...May HE find us faithful still. Love to you and take care of yourself. Jack is absolutely precious! I love the fake smile. Just a lovely memory to always have for well let me just say future reference!:) I look forward to this Sunday mornings worship in DOXA.

Anonymous said...

The Moore Family is praying for you ALL! Wow! We're excited for you - over every aspect of what's to come in your lives! Post pics soon!

Jennifer Zila said...

yea!! we're so excited to have you and your growing family up here!!! i can't wait to have jack, elliott and lillie ( in due time of course) over for playdates and to help y'all move in!!! :) keep us updated with dates and housing.

Katie said...

Wow so much happening! So exciting and scary! By the way I love the names. Matt and i will be praying for you as you transition to NYC.

Conner took FOREVER to say mommy. He was also saying fragmented sentences before he said mommy. I think because I was always around he didn't need to call to me. Actually when he first said my name he was with my mom and he wanted to go see me. Don't take it personally (I know easier said then done).

Anonymous said...

Susan! We heard the good news, we will be so glad to have you close by. I will be praying for you, I know how difficult it is to leave, this time I'm sure it feels bigger than the last time since you have babies and it's more permanent.

I'll look forward to catching up! Let me know what we can do to help you guys move.

Christin Pounds