Thursday, July 03, 2008

Baby A and Baby B

We are excited to share with you the identity of the two growing inside my belly.
We found out yesterday that we have a little boy and a little girl.
The ultra sound pictures looked pretty much like the last ones posted except a little bigger.
We feel confident that the technician found exactly what she needed to find to be sure she was correct in her discerning the sexes.
I'll post names once I'm 100% sure we know what they are. I'm pretty sure we are settled on first names and probably the girls middle name, but were still working on the boys. We'll let you know once it is nailed down.
I told Jack yesterday he was going to have a baby brother and a baby sister, he just smiled!
(like he has any idea what that means!)


Elizabeth said...

That is so exciting! We will keep praying for your family. I hope you do belly photos like you did with Jack; especially since I don't get to see you in person very often! We love you all!

angie said...

congrats susan...i am so excited for you guys!!

adding another set to the family. pretty crazy that grandma has 2 sets of twin boy/girl grandchildren!

we wish that you guys could make it down this weekend, we would really like to see you guys ( i also completely understand though)!

oh, and i *LOVE* the names.


Katie said...

We are so happy for you.

Jennifer said...

I knew I saw a pink bow in that ultrasound! HA! HA! I'm so happy for you guys! I can't wait to find out their names and to be able to love on them in the nursery! Give Jack a kiss for me!
See you soon!

Lori said...

How exciting one of each!!!

rachie said...

We are so happy for you guys! Jonathan says he wants to baby-sit ASAP... :) Lil' Jack - you will be a great big brother, but if you ever need a break you can come play with the garage door at my house! XOXO

Anonymous said...

it's gunna be weird having a girl around now. since i was like the grandchild girl.

i'm so excited though!


Chad & Jennifer Eidemiller said...

hey guys! that is sooo exciting! we're so happy for you! hope you all are doing well! we're loving parenting and getting into a routine! talk to you soon! :)

The Fitzgerald's said...


Catrina said...

Awesome news!! I'm thrilled for ya'll! We still have to do our play date! Let me know a good day. Congratulations on the pink & blue sweets!! :)

Amy J said...

oh. that sweet boy has no idea what you mean—a brother and a sister. he's in for a treat. so excited for you and glad for a little girl!

christi said...

Yay!! How exciting! I can't wait to hear the names (that is such a fun part of having a baby)! Stephen told me he talked to Freddy and said you all are getting ready for this growing family! I'd love to see you guys soon if at all possible...we really do miss you! Take care and we'll be praying for you!
~Christi (I'd love to see some belly pics too!)

Anonymous said...

Jack may be smarter than you think he is...he will soon be big brother KING JACK!

Anonymous said...

OK missy we need to hear all of the HUGE details about NYC!!! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Where are those pregnant belly pics???? And New York City....come on now Susan, you're holding out on us here!!