Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mommy Date With Lillie

The Saturday before Mother's Day I came down with Strep Throat.  I had some suspicion for a few days, so with a big week ahead of us I went to the doctor and sure enough that's what it was.  We had plans on Mother's Day to go to Church in Nashville where Freddy T was preaching and then spend the day at the zoo with his family.  I was looking forward to this day out, but the way I felt caused me to stay home with Parker and spend the day with my side of the family, which was special for me.  Freddy T. and the big kids had a great day, lots of fun with cousins and family.  When I put Lillie to bed later that night she said "This was the worse Mother's Day of my entire life!  I didn't spend anytime with you and I'm so sad."  It was pitiful.  

I decided I needed to take Lillie on a Mommy Date to make up for the disappointing day.  So we bought tickets to her friend Pipers dance recital for Tuesday night.  
 I asked Lillie if she wanted a necklace or bracelet.  She came back out with pink glasses instead and said she was ready to go.
 We went to dinner.  She insisted I get a picture with her and her Strawberry Lemonade.
 She got cold so moved to my side of the booth.  Then we decided to take a few pictures together.  The waitress walked up on us taking this one.  

 Lillie during the show.
Flowers for Piper afterwards.

Such a fun night with Lillie!


Sarah Fern said...

Looks like a fun night. Miss you friend. Excited to see you all transition! Praying for you.

Catrina said...

So sweet!!! I love her choice of accesories! We were there to see Taylor, Claire and Andi...all Autumn kept saying was, "Wow, Momma! They're so glittery!" I'm glad you had some fun girl time :)