Monday, September 09, 2013

Back To School!

Back to school!  We had 3 excited kids this morning anxious to get back to school.  Jack is repeating 1st grade this year.  He has a late birthday, December 24th, just a few days before the cut off date.  He did great last year, but had to work really hard to keep up.  We felt like it would be good for him in the long run to give it another shot.  This way he'll be one of the oldest in the class instead of the youngest in the grade.  He has an amazing attitude and was excited to go back to Mrs. Pascale's class again this year.  Lillie and Elliott started Kindergarten today!  Elliott is in Mrs. Tepper's class and Lillie has Mrs. Barrett.  We are really grateful for their school and their teachers.  

I must admit.  I was probably more excited about school starting than they were :)  This is a game changer for me, having the 3 big kids in school till 2:30 each day.  For the first time in 5 years it will be just me and one baby home during the day.  Hoping to catch up on a little rest, finally stay on top of house work, read a few books, and enjoy some time with friends.

Jack,  1st Grade- "I want to be a police man."
 Elliott, Kindergarten- "I want to be a pirate."
 Lillie, Kindergarten- "I want to be a princess."

 Jack in Mrs. Pascale's class
 Elliott in Mrs. Tepper's class
 Lillie in Mrs. Barrett's class
 Lillie and Elliott came home with a goody bag for their first day.  
 In kindergarten we get to read with our kids for the first 15 minutes of each day.  Lillie and Elliott will rotate back and forth to each others class, so we can read with both of them each day.  Today I went with Elliott and Freddy T. went with Lillie.  
 I think Parker might like the down time while everyone is at school.
You can always tell school is back in session when all the strollers are parked outside the building.  

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the update and the pictures. They will enjoy looking back on these in the future. Cute, cute pictures. Wishing them a good year in school. Love and Hugs, Great Gran