Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Decorations

Every year when fall rolls around I think about putting up some decorations to make our apartment feel festive.  It seems like each year the time gets away and my good intentions are nothing but that...intentions.  Both mine and Freddy T.'s mom did a good job decorating our homes as kids and more than enjoying the actual decorations I think we came to love the tradition of it all. Our kids are getting old enough now to have fun with activities and decorating so this year I was determined to make some progress.  

It's tricky in our apartment because I can't do much that would require storing things from season to season.  I do have some space to start collecting a few things here and there, but for starters it's a lot of homemade or disposable things this time.  

Let's start with the front door.  I see ideas on Pinterest all the time for decorations on front porches.  I've even pinned a few, although I don't know why, I don't plan on having a front porch anytime soon.  I decided that I could at least have a wreath or some sort of fun thing hanging on our front door.  I found this wreath on Pinterest and figured I could make it myself.  It's not perfect but it does feel inviting when you approach our apartment door.
If you look closely you'll see a green "Angry Bird" golf ball.  The kids went to a birthday party a few weeks ago with an Angry Bird theme.  The golf ball was part of a game they played and Jack snuck his ball in my wreath.  I'll just leave it there, he likes it.

Q-tip and cotton ball skeletons.  I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and thought it looked fun.  We created a  little "Wyatt Family" to hang out in our window through Halloween.

Left to Right: Jack, Parker, Elliott, Lillie, Me, and Freddy T

We painted pumpkins the other night.  They are proudly displayed on our bookshelf in the living room.  It was a little messy, but worth it for the fun the kids had and the memories.
Elliott has a hard time smiling nice when he is in a silly mood.

This is what Parker was doing during all the fun.
Very Messy

Finished products.  
Left to Right: Jack's, Elliott's, Lillie's and Parker's

I also saw this activity in Family Fun.  We collected dry crunchy leaves on our way home from school one day and crumbled them up to small pieces.  Then with glue we made an outline of a fall/Halloween objects and covered the glue with leaves.  They turned out cute.

These are hanging in their room.

Last, but not least, I do have a little dish towel for each month to hang in the kitchen.  It's not much, but the kids have fun digging through the drawer to figure out which one is right for the month.

I'd like to have a cute/simple center piece on our table, but that will have to wait.  We use our table for too much right now to worry with it.  Maybe that will be a goal for the year to keep the table nice and straight and fun!

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Anonymous said...

Susan, I love that you take time to make memories with the children. Some of my favorite pictures of my grandchildren and great grandchildren are the ones made at the pumpkin patch. Love your wreath and the painted pumpkins. Enjoy the season. Hugs to all. Gran/Great Gran