Friday, September 21, 2012

Parker: One Month

Parker is 1 Month Old!

I think I've mentioned this, but Parker is the best baby.  His first month has been full of visits from family and many outings.  He just goes with it and doesn't seem to mind that he was born into a busy family and a big city.

Just in the last week we have noticed Parker focusing on objects more and following our voices.  He is eating well, as you can see, and sleeping well too.  Last night I fed him at 10:30 pm then again at 2:45 am and not again till 6:30 am.  It basically felt like I was only up once with him.  I'm still tired, but encouraged that he might be sleeping through the night sooner than later.  I'm still feeding him every 4 hours, even if he is asleep, but maybe at his one month appointment she'll give me the go ahead to not wake him up if he happens to sleep later than that.

Jack, Elliott, and Lillie love Parker.  Lillie is very protective of him.  She doesn't like for other people to take care of him, just me and Freddy T.  Jack is convinced that he laughed, but he's not quite there yet.  The kids are going to love it when they can get a fun reaction out of him.  

It's already kind of hard to remember the daily routine with out Parker.  He is a perfect fit for this crazy crew!

When I started the monthly photos with Jack I just wrote on a sign.  Technology has changed since then and many people do fancy things with Photoshop to take creative monthly pictures.  I don't have time to figure that stuff out right now, so carrying on with tradition Parker gets the basic paper and marker sign.  I'll just feel accomplished to get this done each month on the day!

 He had a grip on Jack's hand here and smiled a little.

Parker has always had chubby cheeks, but they are growing and we are noticing his legs filling out as well.  I have a feeling he will be chubby just like the other 3 were!


Donna said...

I have to agree he is a good baby. I love your updates on him and still like to hear what the other three are up to. I like your handwritten posters...carry on the tradition. Love all of you and miss you. Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

Are Parker and the rocking chair missing me? I sure do miss them. When I sit down I catch myself swaying my knees back and forth, they forget Parker is no longer on my lap. Miss all of you and love you. Gran/GreatGran

christi said...

He is so cute! I wish I could meet him (and the twins, for that matter)! I'm also so glad to hear that he's such a good baby! God is good! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Love it! It is so fun and I too can't remember my routine without Ty! So weird and funny! Thankful to the good Lord how both our little guys have fallen right into place. Those little smiles are a good reminder to me that HIS ways are not our ways and for that I'm so thankful.