Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Irene

Susan and I made it safely back from San Francisco last night. We were originally scheduled to fly in late Saturday night and of course with Irene's arrival estimated to be right around that time, our flight was cancelled. The San Francisco trip was amazing. I have the huge privilege of serving as a Trustee of the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. They flew Susan and me out Wednesday Morning for orientation. Perhaps in later posts I'll tell more about our time at GGBTS. Not only did I learn a lot about the seminary, I also was fueled and sharpened in my leadership by being around their President, Dr. Jeff Iorg. I'm already tearing through a couple of his books on leadership. Dr. Iorg and his wife Ann were amazing hosts. Susan got to go into the city with Ann and a few of the other wives on Thursday. We are very humbled and excited to serve what will probably be the next 9 years.

We planned to stay an extra day to just enjoy the city but with the impending weather we decided to change our flights. Fortunately, that proved to be a very smooth process, props to Delta. We arrived back in NYC late last night and began to assess our options.

Our home is on the very border of the mandatory evacuation zone "A" and on the 13th floor. Apartments that are on the 10th floor and higher are at greater risks for debris flying through windows. So, we've decided to go out to Kelly, Brooke, Hannah and Nathan Love's place in Brooklyn. They manage and live in the David Dean Mission House and have plenty of room and are outside of all three evacuation zones. We might've been just fine in our apartment, but we really wanted to find the most comfortable and safe place for our kids. Our kids love Hannah (12) and Nathan (8) and will have a blast with a two night slumber party. It is a little cloudy outside but pretty calm this morning. We'll do our best to keep you updated via twitter. You can follow me on twitter here and Susan here.

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Donna L said...

So glad you have somewhere safe to go! It will be an adventure for the little ones!