Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Wild and Wonderful Week Part 1

The Saturday before last I played tackle football on The Gallery Church's Men's Retreat. The next day on my way home from church I had a scooter wreck because some crazy bicyclist cut in front of me at the last minute to the tune of a crushed blinker, bruised or cracked ribs, nasty bruised elbow, and shock shakes about two hours later. The shock shakes were a first for me. The morning after the scooter wreck, I packed a Uhaul (with the help of some awesome peeps) for our move from Harlem down to E 20th Street. The old man with Jack on his shoulders is "Danny Boy". I'm actually going to try to do an individual post on Danny Boy sometime soon, but to whet your appetite here is a video of him from Amateur Night at the Apollo. Details on why the move and about our new neighborhood in a later post. It wasn't really until Tuesday that I began to feel the effects of the scooter wreck = painful.

Tuesday we kicked it in high gear getting the new apartment set up. We had friends that helped us with the kids...and Susan put her cape on and did an amazing job getting things in their place. We LOVE our new neighborhood for many reasons, but the main reason we made the move was to be close to the church. Mission accomplished.

Thursday morning we woke early to catch an 8am flight to Nashville. I do not know what we were thinking scheduling such an early flight. About the time we were walking out the door I noticed a voice mail on my phone. Our Delta flight was delayed to 9:45. This really was going to be CRAZY keeping the kids chill in the airport for an extra almost 2 hours. I got on the phone with Orbitz and they couldn't help at all, so I called Delta who triumphed with amazing PR and secured flights for us that left at 8:30am and arrived 10 minutes earlier than we were to originally land. Way to go Delta!

We had a sweet time connecting with family and then left the kids and headed to Louisville on Friday morning...

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