Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy Belated National Delurking Day

January 14th, 2011 was National Delurking Day for blogs. On this day you were to leave a comment on the blogs you silently read. According to my blog stats last month alone pages of our blog were viewed 3,701 times. I know who about 15 of you are! So today in honor of a day two months ago that I missed let your presence be known!

Leave us your name and where you're reading from and if we don't know you at all, tell us how you found us or what your connection to us is.

Thanks for reading. Getting comments does assure us that people care about this blog and encourages to keep it up.

Enjoy your Wednesday!
This picture is from our Monday outing a few weeks ago to the World Financial Center. It is a little jaunt for us to get there from our apartment, but a great place to spend a rainy Monday. The kids had a great time!


Amy1228 said...

Hey Susan...I love reading your blog!
Amy Moats Steger

Anonymous said...

Patti Smith
Susan I think you know that I stalk your blog everyday to see what's new with your family. I just love watching the kids grow. And they are so funny to me.

Amy1228 said...

Amy Moats Steger
Knoxville, TN

Susan, I love reading about your life in NYC!! Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

Emily Roberts
LaGrange, Ky

Love reading about your family!

Emily said...

Emily Stivers from Louisville, Kentucky

I love your blog!! I read it because my best friend, Amber Hodges, told me about it. I think I've met at least Freddy before at church when I've visited NYC. Maybe I'll see you guys later this month when I visit. :-)

Lauren said...

Susan, I met Freddy at UTM years ago, but I don't think I've met you in person.
I love reading your family's adventures. My uncle lives in Manhattan, my parents grew up in Westchester County, and I have some fond memories of visits to NYC. I don't check blogs as often as I used to (I am more addicted to Facebook, sadly), but I do love to catch up on what God is doing.

Lauren Valle Tomas

B.J. Caulfield said...

B.J. Caulfield
Memphis, TN
Susan, I do hope you remember me from Clarksville. My maiden name was Cozby. I sure enjoy reading your blog and all about your various NYC adventures! :)

Emily Doss said...

I keep up w you guys. Love the blog!!

Missy said...

Susan I love keeping up with your family in NYC! I have known yours and Freddy T's family for a long time! Thanks for sharing! We went out to eat with Diana and Scott the other night after our school basketball game! Hope y'all are having a good week!

Missy Rye

Leslie said...

Hey... this is Leslie Holmes, originally from clarksville, tn. We went to High School together. I enjoy your blog :)

rachie said...

you know i check the blog several times a week to see what is going on with my favorite nyc fam! :)

Tracy Kase said...

Hi- My name is Tracy Kase and I started reading your blog last September. My husband and I are moving to New York in June to help launch Brooklyn Church! So, I read your blog to get a glimpse of what life will be like in the city! Thanks for all your stories!

I met Freddy T. when we were there in September for SendNYC but I don't think I met you... maybe I did. I can't remember! We met a lot of people in two days :)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. Every post.

I met your husband when he was a few days old and my mom brought him home from the hospital. I was only 1, but I do remember that he stole all of the attention.

I got to know you when you were in 7th grade and I was your Bible Study leader at Hillmont!

Love you all! Miss you!

Katie said...

I am not a lurker...I vocally follow your blog. My favorite NYC family...which is weird since I have actually only met one out of 5 of you. Hehehe. Anyways, good luck with the homeschooling things. I have some links I used when I attempted to homeschool Conner. Let me know if you want them. I am sure you are well prepared since you actually have a gift of teaching...sadly I only sand and paint things. :( That doesn't help with learning your numbers and letters.

angie said...

of course i read your blog, but am REALLY bad at commenting!

i love seeing little peeks into your lives. and i LOVE you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I imagine out of the 3,701 that viewed your blog I was 701 of those. You know that I expect you to have something new on it every day. Love you all so much. Great Gran (Susan's Grandmother)

Denise said...

I read your blog! I have always been interested in New York and your family gives me a glimpse! On another note, I wish I had homeschooled my kids! Take care!
Denise (Moore)

Beth said...

Beth Winn
Knoxville, TN
Susan, I love reading the blog; always keeps me thinking about what's coming next for us. I don't how you do it. Our two are kicking my booty and you've got one more! You're my hero!

Rhonda said...

Rhonda Delph
Hendersonville, TN
Hi Susan! Your sister-in-law Kristi is a sweet friend of mine and former coworker at LifeWay. Then Freddy T and I wound up in the same J-term class at SBTS one summer, I think. We've got several mutual friends from Clarksville and Hville. Love y'all and so enjoy watching the kiddoes grow! Praying for all you are doing!

Bev said...

Hey, Susan

I check in with your blog almost everyday. I love keeping up with all of you. You do such a great job with the blog. I especially love the sweet picture of the kids, especially lilly's little pig tails. So very cute.

Love you guys,
Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

Jessica Fuqua- Waco, TX

Elizabeth said...

I check your blog regularly! I love to hear what your life is like in the city with all those babies and I love to keep up with how the Lord is using you all there! Our church hopes to make another trip up there to participate!


Elizabeth Nuss
Louisville, KY

forr2girls said...

Jennifer Wright
Clarksville, TN

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Drescher
St Cloud FL

roger and courtney said...

Courtney Hampton
Bangkok (but we're from KY)
I found your blog from the Colyer's blog list.
I love hearing about another mom serving the Lord and raising kids in a big city.

Anonymous said...

Katie Knickerbocker-Fawver. - Susan, I love hearing about your family's NYC fun!

Cindy said...

I read your blog all the time and love keeping up with your family
Cindy Reed

Kathryn said...

Kathryn Wamble
Franklin, TN
Susan, I grew up in Clarksville and graduated from CHS. I know I've met Freddy T and you at one time or another. My mom used to work with Mary Coleman Wyatt. Anyway like everyone else I enjoy reading about life in NYC with three little ones. You guys were so brave to move there from TN. That is definately saying yes to God.

Anonymous said...

Lindy Schmittou
Clarksville, TN

Love keeping up with you guys!

Tara said...

I have to keep tabs on you guys! I stop by your blog but not as often as I would like to! You guys remain in our prayers!

Jen said...

Hi Susan! I stalk and have loved watching your family grow over the years-- keep up the blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I'm Roberta Reiter from Whitefield Academy and I enjoy watching your children grow up in New York. My friend and I were in New York 4 years ago and attended the church there, my family and I also attend Highview Baptist Church.

Catrina said...

I I read!! :)

Donna L said...

Hey Susan. Love your blog. It makes me recall my years with twins plus one about 20 years ago!
Love ya guys,
Donna Litton

Danielle M. said...

Danielle Merante
AKA your favorite 8th grade student
Louisville, KY