Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chalkboard Paint

The kids got this great wooden table and chairs for Christmas. They have really enjoyed it. The other day I was looking at a Real Simple article on organizing clutter and saw a little chalkboard table sitting in the corner of the kitchen in one of the pictures. It had nothing to do with the article, but it caught my attention. I immediately knew I wanted to recreate that table with the little table we have. I've been curious about chalkboard paint for a while, just never ventured out to give it a try.

So here it goes.

Oh and while I was painting it on the stove top, I had another revelation.
I have a very small kitchen. We entertain a lot. Because of our limited table space I often have to serve our guest buffet style from the kitchen counter. There is just very limited space. I've often said I needed a butcher block or some kind of board to put over the sink to create more counter space when we are serving food. This little table is a fold up table and fits perfectly over the kitchen sink. So next time I need a little extra counter space I have the perfect solution... as long as kids are not using it to actually eat at.


agcoats said...

Great idea! Hope you all are doing well! -Sarah

Donna said...

You do a great job being creative with the space you have and entertaining the kiddos on top of that!

Michelle Ann Kim said...

That is brilliant!

Brittney said...

Both kickin' awesome ideas! Thanks!

The Fitzgerald's said...

we have an oversized wooden serving tray that I put over the sink when I need extra counter space because we are very limited in out counter space as well. I love the chalkboard idea! I will have to try that!