Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Central Park Zoo

I saw the weather this morning and it was supposed to be sunny and 70 so I thought it would be a great day to check out the Central Park Zoo. Jack had never been to a zoo so I figured this would be a great place to start. It takes a lot of work to get everything together for us to go anywhere so I have to really be determined to go places or I would choose to stay home out it being just easier. But Jack for sure, and I do too, needs to be out and enjoying the city and social interaction. Back to the zoo... I called a few friends to see if they wanted to go and only got a hold of Carmen and Ezra, so we met them on their street corner and started walking. The zoo is on the East Side around 66th. I'm on the West Side around 90th, so we had a ways to go. It ended up taking about 45 minutes to walk but it was such a nice day we didn't mind.

The zoo is small. There are two parts. One is where the penguins, monkeys, polar bear, sea lions, etc.. are, the other is the children's zoo(this is where I got most of my pictures) and its more interactive, kind of like a children's museum. Our first stop was in the Rain forest. Probably not the best place to start since Jack does not like birds. Freddy taught him to say "birds are our friends" but that didn't help today. He wanted to be carried and told me he was scared. He had fun running through the rest of the zoo and enjoyed the other animals. Lillie and Elliott were getting fussy at one point so we sat and watched the zookeepers feed the sea lions while I fed them.

He really had fun at the Children's Zoo. He climbed on the statues, went through tunnels, climbed in a spiders web, fed animals in the petting zoo, and saw a REAL COW in NYC! He loved that!

It is certainly better for younger kids. I'd say maybe up to lower elementary age, then it may not be exciting at all, even a let down, but for our little family I can imagine we'll visit the zoo many more times!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you and the children had a nice outing. Jack looks like he is really enjoying it. Love you, Great Gran

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of fun!! glad you went out. When the boys were little we went to Nville zoo a lot. They enjoyed it. Jack looks like he did too. so much fun!!Love yall Aunt Di

pam said...

This is amazing! What a fun day! I am going to share this with my sisters, they have younger kids from 6 months to 6 years. Yes, it is good for you, Jack and the twins to get out. Great exercise! So proud of you for walking. Sounds like a terrific day! Hugs, pam

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jack had a really good time. Another adventure for us to take when I come back. Love all of you. Gran