Monday, March 24, 2008


We tried to get good pictures, but Jack wasn't too interested. I really wanted a nice family picture, but there was no way to make Jack cooperate, so we'll have to settle for the one we got.

Happy Easter

Jack opening a package of books from his Nana.

Nana snuck an Easter suprise in his bag for Mommy and Daddy!


rachie said...

Lil' Jack - I love your Easter outfit...You look like such a grown up little boy! Mommy says you eat "big boy" food from the table now and run away from her when she needs to change your diaper...:)I will have to come see you soon so you can show me all these new good for mommy.

christi said...

I love the outfit!! Cute, cute cute!

rachel nadeau said...

he is precious! Reese's Easter eggs are the best!! My most favorite candy in the world! Hope you guys had a great Easter.

Glenna Marshall said...

I love his outfit! Susan, you look beautiful!

It was GREAT to see you guys this weekend. Hope to see you up here in May!

a wandering heart said...

Looks like you captured his personality, so that makes a great picture!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan & Freddy! This is the first time I've been on your blog, what a beautiful family! I'm stuck in the dark ages as far as blogs go, but I am realizing what a great way it is to stay in touch. I hope you are doing well! Any plans on visiting any time soon? :)

Christin Pounds