Monday, January 07, 2008

Our Monkey

I bought a set of clear storage bins the other day. I've used 2 of them, but the rest are still in front of the stairs because Jack has so much fun playing on them. He takes his time to put a few toys on the top, carefully climbs up, throws them back on the ground, carefully climbs down and starts the cycle all over again.

Also, the child has radar when he hears the refrigerator door open, the pantry door, and the dishwasher. He stops what he is doing and darts straight toward them. With the dishwasher there is no longer any thought as to whether climbing up is a good idea or not, he just does it.

(P.S. I don't typically allow this, but wanted the picture this time!)


angie said...

that's funny, before i read the bottom, i thought...i am suprised susan lets him do that!

so cute!! thanks for sharing the pictures of the little monkey! hope to see you guys soon.

love you.

Anonymous said...

So precious and so like his Mother. I have a picture of her when she was about Jack's age, standing on the door to my dish washer. Love you, Jack

Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Okay...we really need to see this picture of Susan!! Just to compare, of course!

awhitaker said...

I was surprised you'd let him on the dishwasher... until I read the bottom. I was waiting for the picture of the dishwasher door on the floor! Those doors are stronger than I thought!

Texas Kin said...

He looks more like his Gramps Freddy everytime I see pictures of him! He has really grown up so much during this first year of his life. What an exciting time for all three of you! I appreciate being able to peek in on your pictures to see what all of you are doing.
Aunt Linda and Uncle Guyton

Anonymous said...

Best Blue Eyes award goes to... Jack Wyatt!!! What a good looking kid! :) Miss you guys.

your favorite former Doxa worship leader