Thursday, July 19, 2007

Family Pictures

We went to a beautiful beach yesterday with a photographer for a family portrait.

When the photographer was taking pictures of the other families,

we played around with our camera and Jack.

(I love this picture)

He ate sand! When his hands first hit the sand he jumped back a little unsure of touching it, but then it went straight to his mouth... we didn't worry too much since we wanted the pictures!


rachie said...

What can I say - ADORABLE! These pictures make me crave the beach. :) You all must come home ASAP - it is getting a little scary that I have to check everyday! for pictures before I get too big a case of Wyatt withdrawal! Dwagon Sr. is really starting to miss his sidekick....Enjoy the rest of your vacation and hope to see you soon.

Susan Smith said...

Susan......I'm with you as to my favorite picture of Jack on the beach. Just precious....and I can think of several ways to keep that cute little memory alive. So glad you are enjoying your vacation and I hope you are getting refreshed!

Christi Cavness said...

That boy has some amazing eyelashes!!!

Amy J said...

cutie pie. cutie pie.
he's the yummiest baby on earth.
hope vacation is restful!

Big Dwagon said...

...leaning back on the beach missing big dwagon...