Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Dad's Side of The Family

We visited my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins late last week. We tried hard to get a picture of all 7 of the great grandkids. This is about as good as it got, it was chaos trying to get 7 kids age 7 and younger to all sit still and look at the camera. You can click here and look at the pictures my cousin, Angie, posted on her blog. You'll have to scroll past Savannah's birthday pictures.

Addie, Savannah, Mykayla, Jack, Spencer, Max, Kiersten

*After this picture Jack cried for a few minutes then crashed on my shoulder. Way too much excitement for him!

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Anonymous said...

I have always held that taking pictures of a group of young children is a bit like herding chickens. It takes a lot of patience and the results are never what you expected. However, the pictures are still precious as these little ones grow so fast and change so quickly. I look at my own children (who are grandparents themselves) and remember them as wiggly little beings who could not stay still long enough for a picture with their cousins. Those times pass quickly! Enjoy these times for they will be gone as quickly as smoke in a stiff breeze.
Love to you all,
Aunt Linda and Uncle Guyton