Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One Month

We’ve had quite an eventful first month. First and foremost we’ve loved having Jack in our family. He is a very good baby. I know his laid back nature and general contentment is the favor of the Lord because Jack’s first 4 weeks of life have been packed full. We moved to Tennessee 6 days after Jack was born. In the 2-3 days when we were actually home from the hospital Freddy T. and my mom packed the majority of our apartment to prepare us for a move. Since in Clarksville Freddy has started his job at the church and we’ve bought, painted (with the help of friends and family), and moved into our first house. All the while, I’ve been working hard at learning how to be a mom and trying to get our house to feel like home. It’s all coming together, everyday we get more settled. I don’t have any great advice for new moms as far as raising a child, but one bit of advice I can offer.... brush your teeth first thing in the morning when you get up, it may be the only thing you accomplish for yourself the rest of the day!

We’ll post some pictures of our home another time. We have internet at our house now so get ready for regular updates… for now just enjoy looking at a fe pictures of our growing boy.

This one makes me laugh!

So sweet taking a nap.

Just taking it easy.


stephen lee cavness said...

glad to hear that yall are settling in well. we miss yall here!
jack looks good, looking forward to seeing pics of the house.

-stephen (of the sentence fragments...)

Katie Kitchen said...

Jack is precious! Maddie turned a month old last week, and I couldn't believe it...I'm sure it seems that way to you as well as far as Jack goes. Well, just wanted to say hi...take care and maybe Jack and Maddie can get together and play one day.

Katie Kitchen

lauren said...

What a precious little guy!!!! Sounds like you have been very busy. Hope there has been a little rest in there, too!

Lori said...

Oh my y'all have been busy. I had no clue that y'all were moving. I guess that means Freddy's done with school. Ohhh how I wish Dustin was done too. Since he can only take one class at a time, I think he'll be in Seminary for life. He started in Jan. 2002 and I think he might graduate May 2008. Jack is beautiful and I'm looking forward to more frequent updates.

Christi Cavness said...

Jack is so cute!!! He looks like he's probably a lot of fun too! We miss you guys up here...hopefully, when Charlie comes, he and Jack can meet sometime! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I have thought about you all so much lately and I am glad to hear your whirlwind has been a good one. Wow, first baby and frist house within a week of each other! I am so thankful for your blog so we can keep up with you all from a distance. The photos are so much fun, Jack is very handsome! I love you guys and wish you many blessings!
Elizabeth Nuss