Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arizona Top 7

We've lived in Arizona for 4 months now.  I would say all in all we have adjusted pretty well.  Here is my Arizona Top 7 so far, in no particular order.  Keep in mind this is just from my small Arizona perspective and some of the daily things I'm enjoying.  
1-  The weather!  Ok, maybe I have not fully experienced the perfect Scottsdale weather yet, but I can feel that it is coming.  This summer was HOT.  And it was hot for a while, not just a few months. We spent a lot of time in the pool before school started and even then, often after school the kids would jump in.  Everyone says Halloween is kind of the day that generally ends the heat and the wonderful weather returns.  We are only one week away from that and all pretty excited!  But for now, the mornings and evenings are nice and I'm enjoying it.

2- I'm loving having a house.  After 5 years of smaller apartments, it's been good for me and for our family to have a little space.  We are also enjoying the cul-de-sac our house is on.  The kids, now that the weather is breaking, are starting to enjoy riding bikes and scooters out side and where we are located in the cul-de-sac is perfect for them.  We are also 5 minutes from church which has been a huge help.

3-Sunsets.  We have seen some of the best sunsets ever and they happen almost every night.  Every one different,  but all are so beautiful.

4-  The Cactus have been fun to get used to seeing.  While I don't know much about them, the beauty of them are growing on me.  We don't have any in our yard, but we see plenty each day.  My favorite are the Saguaros.  They are the ones with the "arms."  Lillie and Elliott have studied them at school and Elliott is choosing to be on in the Desert Parade next week.  There is one on the corner of our road, it has sort of a bent arm, Lillie says "it's like it is hugging our van every time we come home."  

5- Our Church.  We are really enjoying being a part of First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale.  It has been an adjustment going from church planting to older established church, but the people have been so gracious to us and welcoming.  We've felt right at home with them from day one.  It is a sweet family to be a part of.
Freddy T. and Pastor Berry.  Pastor Berry and Mrs. Nancy served as the Senior Pastor for 16 years.  They have been so kind and encouraging to us.
 At our first ASU game with the Hortons!

6- Kiva Elementary School.  I'm grateful for this place.  Our kids have adjusted so well to a new school.  It is very different from their school in NYC, which we loved, but we are finding that we enjoy Kiva as well.  The kids have made new friends and I'm making friends with moms there while everyone plays on the playground after school.  We've even done some outside of school play dates with a few families, it's been fun.  Jack says he's pretty sure Kiva and PS 40 are the best schools in the world.

 Kiva is an outdoor school, so there are no hallways, every classroom opens to the sidewalk.  The kids hang their backpacks outside every morning.

This was at Family Fun Night
7-For our 10 year anniversary Freddy T. and I took a trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  It was a great time away and really good to explore other parts of the state.


Anonymous said...

So thrilled to see an update on the blog. I have missed it. Know it takes time but please keep it up so you will have memories recorded. Love all of you so much. Gran/Great Gran

Anonymous said...

I agree with Great Gran! Love the pictures of the backpacks outside the classrooms. Crazy but very appropriate for your weather there. Love to all of y'all. Hugs!! Aunt Di